America was Founded by Immigrants Essay Example

In the 1400's-1700's, America was found by English men who traveled from England claiming the New Land (America) as their land, when it was not their to take at all. They were immigrants taking the land from the true owners of the land, the Native Americans. Our founding fathers were immigrants; today's generations are filled with immigrants blood coursing our veins. Illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay and work for America. We are are a Nation of new beginnings and freedom for all, they help build this country and should be granted amnesty without fear of retribution, and they come there to America for safety and security within these borders.

First, this country was founded on the belief that America is a nation of new beginnings and freedom for all. We the English men come to America they claimed this land to begin a new life and leave their old life behind. Fast forward to time in the 1775-1783 during the Revolutionary War the colonist fought the Redcoats (Britain) to declare independence for themselves. After the war was won, America was now a free country and a new beginning for most people. Then, later on in 1892-1954, America allowed immigrants traveled to Ellis Island to be free from property and religious intolerance from their countries. Immigrants that come to America come for freedom and a start of a new life. Why had that change for immigrants who come to seek freedom and a new beginnings today? The immigrants that found America, who they call themselves "America's" when it was not there land to take seeks refugee for freedom and new beginnings back then why cannot immigrants today do the same for themselves; we even let immigrants come to America back than in 1892 for the same thing. This country is founded on belief that America is a nations of new beginning and freedom for ALL. "We are one nation under God". Immigrants deserve freedom and new beginnings if there life's back where they were are being terrorized. They deserve the freedom we get to speak their minds and believe whatever belief, as we do in America. We are the land of the free.

Second, people from other cultures and countries have helped build this country and should be granted amnesty without fear of retribution. Back in the 1600-1700 when Englishmen come to America they did being African people to America to be there slaves, build railroads, pick cotton, and build houses. I was not just the Africans but also the Native Americans, Hispanics. By the time of 1800's when immigrants come to Ellis Island such as Italians, Russia and other ethnic groups came and took the jobs of hardworking labor to provide for there family. The immigrants that come to America work jobs that most Americans do not want such as: construction, picking cotton, ground maintains, maids, junitors, and taxi drivers. Illegal immigrants might be take jobs away from American people they are jobs no will want nor care to have. America is built from immigrants, if it was for illegal immigrants building the foundation of this land then where would be today. This land is immigrants land; they put there life, sweat and blood to build a better life for us and for there family, so why are we trying to retribution illegal immigrants when they helped build this country?


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