An Argument Essay On Daycare

Overall I believe that my upbringing was a good one, I am lucky to have such a good upbringing because I know most children do not get that. I was born in Kansas City, Missouri I lived there until I was four after that my family moved to San Antonio, Texas where most of my memories are held. I do not remember anything from that part of my upbringing in Kansas City, only from the stories that my mother has told me. According to her, I was a very active toddler and child, which included banging my head on the table until I decided to stop, (which is probably why I don’t remember anything), locking my Mother out of the house on accident of course, and eating cookbooks my Mother did not think of these stories of being bad, but funny to look back onto. The first memory that I can recall, which was in second grade, I unfortunately did not get to go on a field trip, because I wrote on school property, which was my desk, I wrote the stupid poem that all kids say, X and X sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G. I was upset that I had to do school work in the library instead of watching a movie at an IMAX theater. My mother was my primary caregiver basically throughout my childhood, I would mainly go to her if I needed something because my father would be at work at Southwestern Bell, which would turn later into AT&T.

I did not to go to a daycare like most of young children do today. My house was a daycare within itself when I was at the age of two, one of three of my younger sisters would be born. Both at home and daycare environments could be a positive experience for a child. A child can have a positive experience at home because the child is used to the home environment and the family the child is with. Daycare settings can also be a positive impact on a child because the child is experiencing different situations that can not be taught in the home. Daycare settings also have the staffing to have one on one time with a child.

In the article Heide Lang wrote, she states that psychologists are finding a link between daycare settings and aggression levels. A child psychiatrist named Stanley Greenspan states that, “About 26 percent of children who spend more than 45 hours per week in daycare go on to have a serious behavior problem.” I agree with this statement because children might be prone to act out because a parent is not around. I think that a child needs to be with a parent with most of their young childhood because that is the most time a parent sees their child before they go into Pre-K or Kindergarten.

In Module 1 I learned the ten principles of respect for a toddler. I knew taking care of a toddler is a handful but this new layer of how you need to treat a toddler surprises me. I am glad I am learning this so I know exactly how to teach my future child and respect my future child. I also learned more about helmet therapy. I always thought the helmets were for if the toddler fell, they would not damage their head. I also learned more about breastfeeding. I did not know that the first color of the milk was a deep yellow color, or that the milk changes as the baby grows. My thoughts for breastfeeding is that mother should be allowed to breastfeed anywhere she needs to. I don’t understand how people can be disgusted or against a mother choosing to feed her child in a public place.


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