Argumentative Essay On Abortion

There have been 28,583,715 abortions since January 1, 2018. The excuse they cannot afford the baby comes from women ages twenty to twenty-four (Abortion Statistics). 92% of women in Florida had no specific reason for having an abortion, they just did not want the baby (Spielman). Women having an abortion because they cannot afford the child is wrong and heartbreaking because the child is unaware of what is going on around them, there are other options besides abortion and a child's life is separate from the mother, and it is murder.

An unborn child, still in the mother's womb, has no idea of its surroundings early in the pregnancy (Abortion ProCon). The baby is just trying to grow and live as comfortable as he/she can. To abort an older baby is a lot more dangerous than to abort a young baby, who hasn't fully developed. To abort a baby the doctor goes inside the woman with a pair of clamps, he squeezes the skull, spine, and part of the pelvis (Abortion ProCon). The fetus is just like a grown adult, it can feel pain, so this means that the baby feels everything that the doctor is doing to them. The child has no idea what is going on, but all he/she knows is that he/she is in pain (Abortion ProCon).

The unborn child does not feel the pain long because he/she die soon after the doctor performs the abortion. The doctor then takes a vacuum type device and sucks the baby out of the mother's womb. He then scrapes the inside of the mother's womb to make sure that he gets everything out. The mother leaves there feeling empty physically and maybe even mentally because she might regret even having the abortion in the first place. In the book The Atonement Child, a young christian girl in college was walking home from work, she was raped and left for dead. She later found out that she was pregnant, she was so scared to tell her mother and father. Her soon to be husband, who was a preacher told her to have an abortion because God did not want this for her. She went to the abortion clinic and she sat there and cried, she couldn't do this. She left her fiance and kept the baby and she found out that God knew exactly what he was doing and that everything happens for a reason (Rivers).

The mother has options on how to handle the situation, but she is too busy thinking of herself rather than the child or the mothers who are unable to have children of their own. There are 51,000 children put up for adoption each year, and only 4% of women with unwanted pregnancies give their child up for adoption (Every). There are approximately between one to two million couples waiting to adopt (Every). It is wrong that it cost more to adopt a child than it does to have a child aborted. Aborting a baby cost around $600 and its cost around $30,000 to adopt a baby (Baker). Women who are not able to have children of their own, have been waiting for years to be able to adopt a child. They want to give every child a chance to live a normal life.

People do not want to admit that abortion is murder, but it technically is. When the child is conceived and is growing inside the mother's womb it has a heartbeat (Adoption ProCon). The doctor going in the mother and crushing the babies skull and spine and killing the baby is a murderer, there is no other way to put it. Women say it is their body and they can do whatever they want to with it, but truthfully it is not. The child has a seperate heartbeat from the mothers, so its not their body, it is the babies body and he/she has a say in what happens to them. An abortion is not an accident, women have the full intention of killing their child when they decided that they can't afford to take care of the baby. The sixth commandment of the Ten Commandments says that "Thou shalt not kill". This applies to all humans including unborn babies (Abortion ProCon). They say they are doing it for the baby so that he/she don't have to come into this world in a bad or poor family. It's all lies and excuses. They have abortions because they are selfish and only care about themselves.

A quote from a never married woman who was nineteen and had three children "I am on my own, and financially and mentally, I can't stand it now. That is one whole reason.…It's a sin to bring the child here and not be able to provide for it.…This is just in the best interest for me and the children—no, my children and this child" (Reasons). This child never had a chance to live a happy life and any person who has an abortion just because they don't want that child is going to have to live with that regret for the rest of their life. Young women who have an abortion are likely to have an increased chance of depression in their life (Abortion ProCon). The depression can come from the regret eating away at the mother, because maybe there was another way for her to handle the situation.

Women go to these rallies and scream about how it is their body and they can do whatever they want with the unborn child inside of them. No one says anything to them even if they know it is wrong, but as soon as some people who are against abortion start a rally and tell people that abortion is murder, the people who are for abortion lose their mind. They cannot handle being told that what they are doing and what they are for is murder. People are so scared to stand up and tell others what they believe in, someone needs to let everyone know that abortion is wrong and that it is murder. People need to start standing together and maybe they can put an end to the 28,583,715 that have happened since January 1, 2018 (Abortion Statistics). There needs to be an end to abortion and it only takes one person to stand up for what they believe in, and others will join. 48% identify as pro-choice, 48% as pro-life there are slightly more people that say it is morally wrong than morally acceptable (Gallup). The whole world is afraid to admit that abortion is wrong on some level, but some people are too afraid to speak up for the unborn babies who cannot speak up for themselves. Abortion needs to stop and stop now before another innocent baby has to die.


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