Argumentative Essay on Immigration

Many individuals move to a new foreign place to escape their own problems and start fresh. To begin a new beginning either on their own or with family. Migrating can change an individual's morals towards life because the results of immigration begins with the struggles of identity. Necessarily, the adjustment to their new environment can change the expectations of one's relations with those around them as well as shift the individual's character. Moving to a new home can change an individual's morals and beliefs based on experience of many tragedies and many blessings that come with migrating to a new country. Throughout these experiences, immigrants lose their sense of identity, and they must adjust to this new foreign home they have come to. That adjustment is what variate their relationships with those around them, the expectation with themselves and the surrounding society.

Why Immigrants Leave Their Homes

When people migrate, they are leaving their routine lives behind. Coming to a new country, they must adjust to their new lifestyle and environment. To learn to live with the new regulations and different cultures' given, these newcomers have to fully adjust to the new lifestyle that they should portray to adjust and fit into society. In the Kite Runner, a novel written by Khaled Hosseini, is about the troubles and sorrow of Amir - a boy who lived in Kabul, Afghanistan - who eventually migrates with his father to America, seeking a new life. Amir and his father, Baba, moving into this new country was not simple, it takes time to adjust to a new environment. "It turned out that Baba had had no cash on him for the oranges, he'd written Mr.Nguyen, a check and Mr.Nguyen had asked for his license. He wanted to see my license, Baba bellowed in Farsi. Almost two years we've bought his damn fruit and put money in his pocket and the son of a dog wants to see my license" (Hosseini 127). Baba had to adjust to this new regulation of identification when giving a check. He had to adjust this regulation that he was not accustomed of before migrating to America. Hosseini defends the fact of immigrants having to adjust to fit into society because he shows Baba, an immigrant formulating into America, as someone who needs to adjust to this new country, which is what it takes to become familiar and comfortable with living in a new country. In a Disney short film named Sanjay's Super Team, created by Sanjay Patel, is about a little boy who had migrated to America with his father similar to the Amir and Baba. Sanjay is caught in between the American and Hindu culture. In the short film, instead of Sanjay praying with his father, he was distracted by an American television show. The father seemed disturbed by the fact this his son was distracted by something completely different, however, that is the adjustment that the father had to make, he was to adjust to his son growing up in a new environment and getting distracted by the American culture in which he is learning and growing in. Patel supports the fact of immigrants having to adjust as well because in the short film, the father eventually allows for his son to continue watching his American after realizing that their praying was not his sons intentions on doing at the moment because he was interested in the American culture. So the father adjusted to the son growing. As well as his son being active and involving himself with the American culture.

What Immigrants Expect to Receive Abroad

When people move to a new and foreign country, they seek and better advanced society where it is easier for them to live and take care of themselves and their family. The society that immigrants involve themselves with, affects them. It forces them to adjust and learn to use the new essentials and utilities around them. If they were to not act as if they were part of the american culture, they would feel invisible, "Sometimes you felt invisible and tried to walk through your room wall into the hallway" (Ngozi 119) Stated by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in her story Things on Your Neck, about a girl migrating to America from Africa, searching for a better life.The advanced society persuades them to change their ways and balance out the culture that they carried with them and this new American culture that they should try to follow fit into society. In the short story called Things on Your Neck, written by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, is about an girl names Akunna who migrated to America from Lagos, Nigeria in search for a better future. She finds herself on a train to Connecticut, gets herself a job as a waitress, trying to live the american experience. Akunna takes note of the american people are her. She notices that the american culture is very open on the situations in their lives, " You wanted to write about the surprising openness of people in America, how eagerly they told you about their mother fighting cancer, about their sister-in-law preemie, the kinds of thing that one should hide or should reveal only to the family members who wished them well" (Ngozi 118). Akunna is observing the american culture, she is acknowledging that the people in her new society express themselves differently than they people from her old home. Through her days as a waitress, she finds a man who she is fond to. She begins following the american culture by expressing her travels, her past, and how its feels to be in this new foreign country. The more time she spent with the man, they more she felt it was easier to let go of what the was holding, and that took her as part of the american culture.

There are thousands of things that immigrants are exposed to when moving to a new foreign country. They get very confused and begin to feel uncomfortable. In the story the Arrival , a picture book written by Shaun Tan. About a man who comes from a very poor country and migrates to a new foreign country. But in this foreign country he sees these new faces and the signs that are held up show a type of writing that is hard to understand for him. Theses pictures show the confusion and frustration from the immigrants eyes because they are seeking for a new home to live and grow but they can't understand what is happening. Tan brings this kind of encounter to the surface because moving from one country to a totally different one, a lot can change and that is what can cause a damage in an immigrants identity because now they feel that they should change to have that comfort in their new home. Still one of the most affecting when immigrating is culture. They are revealed to a new culture that they are eventually going to have to adapt and follow to be and feel part of society and find who they want to become now that they are in this new country and they are surrounded by multiple cultures. However, they are not only learning this new culture but they are now in a bundle because they are lost at what culture to follow. This new and different one that many other people follow or the one they carried with them along the journey. When two cultures collide together, it can cause an identity crisis because they don't know which to follow. However there are ways to manage and balance both like in the Kite Runner, Amir goes through a culture clash. The types of relationship Amir makes with those around him are affected by the American culture that he tries his best to follow and the Afghan culture that he was born to follow. Through examining these cultures, its clear to see that the ideals of these cultures are fairly important to Amir because it's what he believes he should follow. In Afghan, the relationships are mainly focused on the what lays between the bonds of males and the qualities of their loyalties to each other along with brotherhood and trust. In America, the relationships are formed between man and females who are held most important with they bond and loyalty to each other. In Amir journey from Afghan to America, Amir learns how to compromise these two cultures through the relationships he has with people around him. First with his father and Hassan, following the love and bond between them, and then with his wife, Soraya. Culture plays a large part in the relationships displayed in the story. These two cultures that he chooses to follow shape him into being someone who is faithful and loyal to those he loves and those he surrounds himself with through both the Afghan and American culture. This relates to Sanjay's Super Team. Sanjay, the little boy who migrated with his father to America, had went through an identity crisis as well. He was stuck between the American culture and the Hindu culture. The little boy had to find a balance between the two cultures and follow both to fit in society and actually be who he was born into which would be the Hindu culture. Following multiple cultures can be a struggle because it's hard to find that balance with them but once its is found and expressed, its easier to follow them both in an organized and stable way which can help find the identity of an immigrant.

The Changes Immigrants Experience

Immigrating to a new place can change the relationship with those an individual surrounds themselves with. They learn new things and different things that can define how they want to reach out loved ones around. They come to this new foreign country confused and unclear with the language, stile, and people around them so when they come with family, their relationship with them becomes closer and at times rekindle the love that could've been lost back from where they had been migrating from. In the Kite Runner, before Amir and Baba had moved, they are very different to the sense where they acted different and had different aspects on life. Baba was a well-hard working man who want to not only benefit himself and his family but as well benefit those who are less fortunate around him. As for Amir, was one who did not have a backbone, one who relied on others for their help. In the beginning, their relationship was weakening because of how different they were from each other. Baba and Amir had found themselves drifting apart, to the point where Baba had questioned Amir being his son. "If i hadn't seen the doctor pull him out of my wife with my own eyes, I'd never believe he's my son" (Hosseini 23). So back home in Kabul, Afghanistan, their relationship is falling apart. But then, when war begins and they are forced out of their country for their own protection, that's when Amir and Baba's relationship start to fix itself mainly for the fact that they only have each other. "He walked over to me, curled his arm around my neck and gave my brow a single kiss. I am moftakhir Amir, he said. Proud. His eyes gleamed when he said that and I liked being the receiving end of that look" (Hosseini 131). So as time went on and it felt to them that it was just them two in their new home, their relationship with each other began to be more stable and loving. This identified who both Amir and Baba are as themselves because they were able to find it in themselves to find the love that has been missing for so long within themselves to express to each other and have the proper father and son bond. Hosseini gives them a sense of their identity for themselves because they finally are able to show emotions towards each other and learned how to continuously consists of love and care for each other.

Immigrating is a challenge. The result of it has the ability to have oneself lose who they feel and believe they are meant to be. However it's never hard to get back their identity. It may take time and effort but their are ways to continue following their beliefs, values, and cultures and still be able to adjust and expect society even if they may change themselves along the way.


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