Buyer Behavior Model: Consumer Behavior

Every day we as consumers go through extensive decision-making before we purchase a product we need. This usually happens when the price for that said product is a bit costly. Which is what happened when I decided to look into a camera that I can use to document my vacation trips. Videography is a hobby of mine, so an excellent kind of film equipment would be perfect for capturing those moments. Since this would be the first camera I have ever purchased, I was clueless as to know what kind of direction to be looking in or knowing what camera is best for me. Therefore, I decided to search for information on the internet.

I am part of the eighty percent of U.S. consumers that does research for information online before buying an electronic to provide me the assurance. First, I looked back on how I would see incredible footage captured by viral users on Instagram or Facebook where they are spending the best of their lives in an exotic paradise. The images were so large, sharp, and clear that it made viewers like me want to be there with them. Cameras at this level of quality tend to be such a large expense making my decision relatively risky. So, I looked into more of their collection to know what kind of equipment they are on which eventually led my search to YouTube. There I was able to find more content from professional photographers and videographers and have an idea of what different types of models of camcorders each has to offer. I begin looking into core features and the quality of the image of different product types. Now with keeping in mind that I will be using it to document my trips, I must find one that is manageable and is fast at handling. Now that I have a list of what I believe to be reliable cameras, I use a nonmarketing-controlled information source to narrow my options.

Beginning with Amazon, I check the reviews and comments of each camera. Then I go to Google to expand my research and see what other additional information I can find such as to what software is compatible with my computer or to compare prices with other devices. Finally, my research led me to confide in the DJI Osmo as the right decision for me. It had a positive product experience with consumers and possessed all the desirable attributes that I needed. I review the specs one more time before authenticating a payment to DJI and weeks later I receive my device through the mail.

Before the Osmo arrived, I have to admit I gained a bit of doubt in my decision. I was not sure if the model and brand of the camera would meet my expectations, and so cognitive dissonance filled my head. This made me experience anxiety considering the high expense for this current top-of-the-line technology. For this reason, the day the package arrived, I was surely eager to test it out. After recording footage for an hour and evaluating the Osmo, I see that it has actually exceeded my expectations. The high video resolution, motion without blur, ultra-fast processor, and its easy use has made me a consumer satisfied with their purchase.

In summary, when I buy expensive items that I never owned before, I tend to follow the same steps as the consumer decision-making process. High involvement in information searches prevents a financial risk as you specify the benefits and advantages of owning the product. Purchases like this are not made on impulse, but are carefully planned after extensive decision making and considering the number of alternatives. It guides not just myself, but other customers to make reasonable decisions to fulfill our needs over our wants.


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