Essay About Highschool Life

None of us know how our highschool year is going to go. We just hope for the best and learn as we exceed in life. Some of us put the majority of our effort into our first year and some of us just go with the flow. What some students don’t seem to understand is that our highschool years are our most important. This is where we need to really apply ourselves and push ourselves to be our absolute best. Our freshman year is where we make the transition and enter the start of our final step of highschool. I started my freshman year of highschool and I thought I was going to do the least amount of work to pass. Now that I look back and see where I am now, there are things I would go back and change.

Of course many of us want to push ourselves to get good grades in high school. I was that one person who wanted good grades but didn’t want to go the extra mile to achieve that goal. I did get good grades but I believe that I could have done even better if I would have pushed myself a little bit harder. Some things came easy for me but then there were other subjects that needed some more thought. I didn’t enjoy that extra work because I did not want to do any work outside of school. Now that I am here as a Junior, I wish I would have pushed myself to exceed my limits and pushed myself to be the best me that I could be. I did well on worksheets but when it came to tests, my mind would shut down and forget all of the information. I wish I would have learned to control that and studied more during my freshman year. The honor roll has been my goal throughout my other years of college.

Then picking the right crowd of people to befriend is a big choice in your first year. Should I be friends with this person or that person? This is actually something that should be stressed because it can affect the future whether it is wanted or not. Not only do the people that we hangout with affect our choices, but it also affects our much we apply ourselves to the important things in life. The ideal group is to have friends that can be trusted and that can be relied on. The ones that will be there to help push us to be our extreme best. If I could go back, I would choose my friends more wisely then I did. My friends thought that getting a significant other or trying to look good on social media mattered more than our future. Having support through highschool can really help improve our lifestyle and the way that we apply ourselves. I wish that my so called “friends” would have pushed me to do my hardest in school instead of worrying about little things that a freshman or even a sophomore need to worry about.

Every high school has extracurricular activities that are offered to us. I played softball for my town towards the end of highschool. I hated the thought of playing for my high school team because I was shy and did not like speaking to someone I was not close with. Well my sophomore year I played for my homeschool and I actually enjoyed it. I made some new friends and hung out with them during school when I could. These were the friends that pushed me to exceed and push myself towards great things. I wish that I would have played my freshman year too instead of starting late. It would have kept me active and helped me get out of my shell quicker to experience things. My sophomore year of highschool and then with the softball team got me out of my shell and pushed me to experience new things. They really helped me that year and I wish I could have went back to freshman year and have experienced it that year too.

There might be quite a few of us who think back and wish that things could be different, or that we could have done things differently. I know that there are definitely things that I wish to do differently. So now when highschool throws me a curve, I take a step back and hit it right out of the park. I am now a Junior who is playing softball for her school, training for her future dream career, and many other things. I push myself to be my best and hav


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