Football is one of the most dangerous sports

Football is a well-known sport and is very popular. But football is also known as one of the most highly physical contact sport. A lot of that contact can inquire serious injuries and causing those who love the sport not to love it so much, also causing those who play the sport not to play the sport. Football injuries may cause short-term injury, long-term injury, or life threatening injury. While short-term injuries may not last long it can still affect the way, you play on the field if or when you return.


Heat illness is one common injury that doesn't only affect the athletes but the coaches too. Heat illness is preventable and everyone, including administrations, athletes, and coaches could work together to prevent heat illness. Across all sports levels there has been tremendous accounts of death from heat strokes from 2005-2009 ( Ways to prevent heat illness could be, practice in an indoor field if not possible, keep body hydrated with fluids. Don't go without fluids while practicing for long periods of time.


Another common football injury is called "overuse" meaning you, you can cause your body to shut down from heavy training and conditioning in any sport. But football perhaps can also cause an overuse injury from hard impact. High speed contact can transfer from overuse injury to fractures, sprains, and torn ligaments. To prevent overuse injury, it is dependable on you, know your limits, don't do what the body can't handle.(


To continue, sprains and strains are another common type of injury in football. A sprain is a wrench or twist of the ligament so violently it causes pain and swelling but not dislocation. Sprains may consist to the body parts like the ankle, wrist, knee, hip, shoulder, and elbow. A related "injury" to sprains and strains would be a cramp. A cramp is a sudden intense pain caused by a muscle involuntary and forcibly contracting muscle that doesn't relax to prevent cramps you must again hydrate your body and eat lots of fruit preferably bananas. (


Knee injuries are also known as a common injury and can be a serious inquiry. Knee injuries are one of those long-term injuries and can affect your life in numerous of ways. If the person may have children they will not be able to play with them the way they use to. It also will affect their playing time, in which you may be playing professionally it may affect your pay. Do not try to get back out on the field so fast, because getting back on before your supposed to can make your injury more severe and may cause arthritis in your knee. Arthritis is painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints, meaning it would hurt just to move your legs, and depending on how bad the arthritis is you may be assigned to a wheel chair and have to walk with a Cain and can be certified handicap.


Concussions are not only a common injury but is a major injury and is also one of the long-term injuries that can be turned into a short-term injury, depending on how serious the injury is and receiving the right treatment. A concussion is a change in mental state due to traumatic impact. Meaning you don't only get a concussion from just direct hit to the head, also if you suffer from a really hard hit. Just because when you get hit and don't lose consciousness to have a concussion. Although those who do lose conscious will be checked for a concussion. If you do not lose conscious signs of a concussion may be headaches, dizziness, nausea, loss of balance, drowsiness, numbness, tingling, difficult concentrating, and blurry vision. In a tested study done by Computerized Neuropsychological studied players with concussions and they were able to stabilize a standard medical treatment to help with players who have concussions. That can change your long-term injury into a short-term injury and with a little rest the body could be back on the field. The studied also determined that there are more high school football players than professional football players who gets concussions, due to lack of knowledge on how to hit properly.

Also, linemen tend to have more of a concussion risk than any other position due to more physical contact. The kicker tends to have the least concussion risk than any other player, more likely because they have less contact than any position. Concussions can happen during any time of a football game on just kickoff returns in 2013 there were 19 concussions, in 2014, 10, in 2015, 20, in 2016, 17. That mean within four years there where 66 lives infected by this long-term injury. Their lives where effected by the moment they were diagnosed with a concussion. One more example would be, in 2014, 50 concussions happened alone in 1-year in practice. In 2015, 237 in game concussions happened also only in just 1-year. Concussions are the most severe long-term football injuries there is. (

So, in conclusion, football is one of the most popular sports played professionally, but can also be one of the most dangerous sports played professionally. There are ways to avoid all these injuries only if you play the game right by keeping yourself hydrated, not pushing past your limits, know the proper way to hit, and eat fruit to avoid all those mean cramps.


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