How to Establish Democracy Essay Example

In order to live in a peaceful society, people must live in harmony and have access to rights and freedoms. The government is responsible for providing them to the people, but not all form of governments such as monarchy and communism, promises to give equal rights and freedom, however, democracy does. Democracy provides equal rights, freedom of expression, and other important aspects that is needed to create a peaceful society. This makes it important for every society to establish democracy in order to achieve peace, but it not going to be easy. In order for democracy to be established, the people must revolt against a corrupt government, create a constitution, and within the constitution there will be rights and freedom that will protected by it.

Revolution is the First Step to Democracy

Revolution is an important part of creating a peaceful democratic society because if someone wants to make a change, then they have to do something about it. Like for example, a few years before the Revolutionary War, the Americans revolted against the British to establish democracy because they were fed up with their oppressive policy. However, it was dangerous for them to revolt because the British government at that time were dictators who would take things to the extreme to have things go their way. According to Jessica Heichel, dictators like the British often "make use of dubious prison sentences, intimidation, and ultimately execution in order to prove their power upstarts." However, despite the trial and tribulations they went through, the Americans were brave and revolted until it lead to war and the separation of the British government. However, despite overthrowing the corrupt government, the Americans were far from creating a peaceful demo tactic society.

Constitution is the Second Step of a Peaceful Society

After overthrowing the government, the next step to creating a peaceful society is to create a constitution. This step is important because the constitution protects the rights of the people and no one can take it away, not even the government. This is not like other political systems where the government can bend the law according to their will. Looking back at Jessica's article, she stated that in other political systems such as dictatorship, "there are no laws voted on by the people, all law making, and law enforcement must often become brutal and violent." This is why it's important for the people to create a constitution to create a peaceful society because if there's nothing there to protect the rights, then it can be easily be taken away and society will turn back to what it was before, an oppressive one.

Equal Rights For Everybody Is the Third Component of Democracy

Within the constitution, there are many rights the people can enjoy. It's important for everyone to have access to rights and freedom because this needs to be provided in order to live in a peaceful society. Lack of rights means it's an oppressive one and many rights mean it is a peaceful society. According to Jessica Heichuel, democracy provides all the rights needed for a peaceful society to be created. She said, "Freedom is also a huge aspect of democracy. Freedom of thought, worship, speech and action." Since democracy provides all the essential rights needed to create a peaceful society, it's safe to say that peace and democracy goes together.

When all the three steps to establishing democracy in a country has been done, then a peaceful society has been created. The people can live in harmony and enjoy many rights and freedoms that other countries aren't allowed to enjoy. However, if the other countries want to be like the democratic country, then they can do something about. In order to make change, they have to do something about it. First, they must. revolt and overthrow the current government. Second, create a constitution and within that constitution, list out the rights and freedoms the people can enjoy.


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