Is Everyone Really Equal Essay Example

Many people believe that all men are created equal under The Constitution of the United States. However, I believe that not everyone is created equal, but they are of the same importance and value. When the constitution was written, women were not even considered a part of it. Women were seen as a lesser quality than men, which would mean the statement was only meant for men. Women were not even considered important at the time. Times have changed and everyone has the same importance to society and the same value as everyone else, but no one will ever be equal to anyone else. Everyone is not created equal because everyone is not the same person, they have different skills, and do not have the same potential.

The Constitution says that everyone is created equal. This is not true because everyone is not the same person. In order for us all to be equal, we would need to look the same, have the same intelligence level, and have many more similarities. I know for sure that I do not look like a skinny, brown haired, blue eyed girl! That is okay because God created each individual differently. He did that so we would all have a purpose in this life. Each person has different aspects that make them a unique individual. Of course, we would like to be as good at everything as everyone else is, but that is not how it works. Everyone is different in their own ways, so; be individually unique.

Every individual has many different skills. Some people are good at sports naturally and some are not. Some people have to work hard to get what they want, but to others it just happens. For instance, I know this girl who is just naturally superb at every sport she plays. She does not have to work to earn a position, she is just naturally talented and gets any position that she excels at. Other people have to work to be excellent, because the natural talent is just not there. This shows how talents differ per person.

Another reason we are not all equal is that not everyone has the same potential. Some people can do more stuff than others can. Some people will be able to run a marathon, but others will not ever be able to do so. Most people can walk and do the day to day things, but what about all the others? Those people will never be able to do some of the things that other people do. They do not have the same potential.

The Constitution is not right by saying everyone is equal. The reasons that I have listed are just a few of the many reasons that we are not all equal. We are all of the same value, but nothing makes us "equal". Everyone is not equal because everyone is not the same person, they have different skills, and do not have the same potential. "The worst form of inequality is to make unequal things equal."


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