My Favorite Photo Essay Example

I was never a big fan a photos when i was younger and that hasn't really changed. I was one of those people who were socially anxious and honestly, kind of awkward. When someone pulled the camera out I would hide or just casually walk away, and when they forced me I'd be sporting an awkward smile. Whenever people would look old through photos I wouldn't be around just in case one of me would come around. They'd love them, yet I would hate them.

As I started looking for photos, I realized that it was going to be a harder task than I once thought. Looking back on photos of myself isn't my favorite thing to do. That wasn't the only issue I ran into though. There was a plethora of photos to choose from, it seemed like my mother always had her camera out. It's kind of crazy to think that I have my birth, today and everything in between locked and frozen in a picture.

I may not like looking at myself but I find it really interesting to see others in old photos. In a lot of my old photos, my parents, they look so young. I often wonder what they were thinking or what was going on while the picture was being taken. It's always cool to see pictures of my grandmas and aunts from when they were kids. Back when these photos were taken, everything was so different. It's like your looking at a stranger, but they look oddly familiar.

There are many photos of me as a child, and in almost all of them I am wearing nothing more than basketball shorts and a tank top. I loved being outside when I was little, so basketball shorts were the perfect outfit, especially on a hot Ohio summer day. My brother and I wore very similar clothing most of the time; My family thought it would be nice if we matched. This lead to many conflicts when they would buy us the same shorts, we would always fight about whos is whos. In my photo, I stood there grinning while wearing my usual attire. I quite obviously fit into the category of a stereotypical young boy then.

I was a relatively skinny kid when I was growing up. A little pudge here and there but it was nothing noticeable. It wasn't until I got older when I, to be frank, became lazier that the weight started to add up. I hit 5th grade and that when people started to notice it as an issue. My mother would tell me to portion more and stop overeating. I didn't listen to it's been an uphill battle ever since. The playing field wasn't leveled until my freshman year when I started putting the effort in.

There is one photo that I remember so vividly. It was from my 3rd birthday and I was at the park with my family. I believe it was one of my aunts who took the photo. We were all sitting around my cake under one of the park's shelters, I was sitting in the middle.

I still remember I was in my favorite Thomas the tank engine shirt and blue jeans. I had the biggest grin on my face because I got the Scooby-Doo themed birthday that I had been dreaming of. My cousin, Madison, was positioned right next to me as she anxiously awaited to dig into the cake with me.

I can relive that memory like it just happened yesterday. I can see the happiness on my family members faces. I can feel the excitement inside of me. I wanted the time for cake and food to be over because I couldn’t wait to open my presents. I remember my mother pushing me in the swing right next to the shelter. I also remember the approaching rain clouds that ended up washing it all away, leaving only memories.

Back when the photo was taken and on to my early teens, my dad was my one of my favorite people. We used to work on things together and he'd be the first person I talked to when I had an idea. To me, he was awesome, even a role model and I took on many of his characteristics. In the photo, he was wearing his usual flannel and jeans, which to me was awesome. But as I grew into my later years, I realized many things I was blind to when I was younger. My father wasn't the man that I once thought he was, but instead just a shadow. I still have to fix the things he helped break.

I've come to realize that my mother is one of the only reasons that the party, I so fondly remember, happened. When I was younger my mom wasn't the most exciting person. She was a stay at home mom when I was little and always got me what I needed. She would make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch every day and we would eat together then tend to the garden. I wouldn't realize until years later that she wanted a job, wanted to eat more than that lousy sandwich and that she would help change our families lives in the greatest way possible.

My childhood was bliss when I was living it, but when I now look back upon it I realized that I was blind to what was really happening. So many things make more sense now, and I'm frankly happy that I didn't see them growing up. People in my family tried hard to make my life as fun as it could be I really appreciate them more for their efforts if I could, I don't think I would change a thing. The tribulations we went through then, make today seem that much better. My childhood may have been unfortunate but my today is pretty great.


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