My Favourite Hero

A hero that chose is Harry Potter because he's not like Superman or Spiderman he doesn't wear a costume and he is kind of unique. Harry goes through many journeys but today I am going to talk about the last Deathly Hallows part two mostly and some of the others books/movies too. Stage two, the aid or helper(s), presents itself when Harry is brought to Hogwarts by Rubeus Hagrid. Hagrid is a wizard just like most of the people in the story are and he is kind of like a counselor or a person that knows and has everything outside of Hogwarts just in case anyone needs it. He helps Harry when he first gets to school, when Harry is fighting his enemy Voldemort, and just being a friend. Harry's second helper is Professor Albus Dumbeldore and like Harry's guardian and the head or principal of the school. He helps Harry through his hard times and understanding what Hogwarts is and why he belongs there, since his parents died when he was only a baby. In stage 5, helpers, Harry meets two people when he gets into Gryffindor. The first being his best friend Ron Weasly who is a red head boy that has a huge family and a always making people, most of the time. The second helper being Herminone Granger she is the strong female role in all the books and has been there to help Harry since he first arrived at Hogwarts. Herminone and Ron are helpers throughout all six stories. The fights and the parts of the book/movie that keeps people in suspense is Voldemort who is Harry's mortal enemy, the guy who killed his parents, the person that no one talks about or even says his name. When is killed Harry's parents he left this mark or scar in the shape of lightning on Harry's forehead, so every time he close by or even near Harry it puts a tole on him and effects him because he can feel. That scar doesn't make him weak but it does and other ways it makes him strong. In deathly hallows stage 6, the supreme ordeal, is when Harry finds out where Voldemort and goes and confronts him, with no backup no helpers, nothing. When Harry confronts Voldemort he turns around and says to him " the boy who once lived has come to die" and says some spell that "killed" Harry and then it goes into a bright light. That part left everyone in suspense because you don't know if he is going to die or live, what's going on, why did that happen. It just has you asking yourself all those question and confused. But by the end of the story Harry doesn't end up being dead, he talks to Dumbeldore who dead and Dumbeldore tells him that he can't die it's not his time. Harry comes back and has this big fight with Voldemort. By the end is when stage 8 starts, the return. The story jumps ahead 19 years, Harry is married to Ginny, Ron's sister, and they have two kids. Ron and Herminone are married and have two kids. They each are sending them off to Hogwarts and they all lived happily ever after.

Herminone and Ron are Harry's main helpers. They are there when he is upset, help him through fights with Voldemort and when he looking for stuff for example the three headed dog they all work together to figure out a way to get the dog to go to sleep so that they can sneak passed him. Herminone and Ron are Harry's roommates at Hogwart in the house Gryffindor and his best friends too. Herminone is the strong, independent, smart, and tells Harry and Ron how stupid or dumb there ideas are. Ron is there when Harry needs, Ron came up with a way to get the three head dog asleep. In the end when the story jumps 19 years they are still best friend even though Herminone and Ron started a family and Harry and Ginny too. So overall Harry Potter and whatever he's doing in each book always has his helpers and aids, there always come to a supreme ordeal or big fight between Harry and Voldemort and the books/movies always come to happy or suspicious ending. Harry is always on a mission and is always going to be on a mission to find Voldemort and kill him for good until the last book/movie.


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