My Personal Understanding of Hope Essay Example

In this essay I decided to choose the word Hope. The definition of hope is a feeling of optimism or a desire that something will happen. Usually when I think of hope is when someone needs positivity. It is important to have hoped it allows people to approach problems with a mindset and strategy suitable to success, thereby increasing the chances will actually accomplish their goals (Kaufman para 5).

I for example needed hope in this very specific point in my life. When I was nine we went camping and I was helping my dad to put up our tent. There were about six families total together at the campsite. All of a sudden my dad couldn’t feel his left arm and started getting nauseous. I was so confused that I called my mom over and told her the problems that were occurring. She got so worried tried calling the ambulance but we had not had service since we were in the middle of the woods.

After minutes of trying to get a hold of the ambulance, and my dad’s health worsening, we finally got them on the line and told them everything as they came as fast as they can. They did checkups and they told us that he was having a heart attack. My heart sunk so far in my body I almost fainted. The ambulance took him to the nearest hospital and did immediate surgery on him. My mom had gone with the ambulance while my sister and I were back at the campground with the rest of the families. We were worried sick but I was the most because it’s a different feeling when it’s a family member and they are they are related by blood. My sister on the other hand was too young to know what was going on.

At that time everyone at the campground told me to have hope and pray and that everything will be alright. But you know everyone says it will be fine and sometimes it just isn’t. At that moment the worst things were going through my mind. I couldn’t stop crying, I was unable to eat or drink anything until I heard further news. Moments later I saw my mom getting a ride back from the nurse back to the campground and ran to her as fast as I can and started crying in her hands. She told me, “Everything will get better soon.”

That night we came back home and my brother was also home from college as well. We broke the news to him and he was really upset. No one could sleep that night and we couldn’t visit him till the morning as the visiting hours ended at nine pm. The very next day right when visiting hours started, we went to go see him. The ICU restrictions were pretty strict. You had to be older than fourteen, but I got special permission to meet him. I was so shocked when I saw him, there were tubes going everywhere and he had spots all over both his arms and his face. I burst out of the room scared hurrying back to the waiting room.

He was at the hospital for two and half weeks. The day he came home I was at school anxious to come back home to visit. When I came home he was laying there on his bed and the biggest smile came to my face. He was actually going to be okay. That night I prayed and thanked the lord for everything. Hope actually does exist I thought to myself. He was on bed rest for a month and a half. I took care of him as much as a could but I also had school to worry about. I tried to do fun things with him but I noticed he would get tired really fast and want to lie down. We worked with him more and more every day and today almost ten years later he is that guy that is so energetic and is down to do whatever, even if it’s late in the day. I don’t know what I would be doing today if we never got service at the campground. All I know is that god was definitely by our side that day and I can’t thank him enough.

Always have hope in yourself because the right things will come at the right time. Everyone will go through hard things but eventually they will pass through it and get something good in the future. Patience is key and all it takes is to keep your hopes up and stay positive.


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