Neonatal Development, Language Development and Gender Identity Essay Example

I know for a fact I am a frog in the well. I am a 19 year old young adult, who has the rest of their life to learn new things every single day. Society and health research changes everyday and I would like to learn more about those changes. I do have my own personal views, but I am willing to ask questions and open my heart up to something new. I don't know much about the minds of a person that has gender identity issues. I really do not understand what makes them want to be a different gender. I would love to learn as much as I can about Neonatal development, considering that is the field I want to get in to as a Nurse. Language development is a very interesting subject, because people who don't speak english how do the kids know what something means as a child and how does it register in their head? I would like to learn more about these three subjects so I can understand things that I do not understand or want to learn more about for my future career.

The Issue of Gender

I always grew up thinking there was two genders and whatever you were born as is what you are. You are either a boy or a girl depending on what body parts you have. How did gender identity issues start? I still believe that even though you feel like a boy on the inside you will always be a girl to me, because those are the body parts you have. I want to be able to learn what goes through the mind of someone who has gender identity issues. You may say "oh, I feel like a boy because I like to do things boys do.", but I am personally a tomboy, yet I don't feel like a boy. It just does not make sense to me and I would like to learn more about it.

My dream is to get my Bachelors of Science in Nursing, and working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Lehigh Valley Hospital Network. Learning as much as I can about Neonatal Development will help me with my career. How do they develop, what complications can happen and what can cause you to have premature labor? I have two nieces, they are twins who were born four months early. They both survived the first month, but Annie had some complications and need surgery on her intestines. The surgery did not work and she passed away about a week later. We still have Silvana though, she survived everything and is now going to be three in February 2019. Their mother was older she was in her early 40's and I would like to know how the mothers age can cause more complications with pregnancy and delivery. I am really excited to read about Neonatal Development, and being able to use new found knowledge in the future.

The Importance of Language Development

Language Development is unique, because everyone grows up learning different languages. Some children learn two languages at the same time or sometimes more than two. I feel that it would be easier to learn a couple languages growing up, because you have two languages to compare together, which makes it easier to associate with each other. I would think it is a challenge to learn one language that's not english, but then again you have objects and pictures to associate with the words. How did we even create different languages? How did we come up with names for every little thing around us? We did not talk as cavemen, so where did words come from? There are so many questions to be answered, and I would love to know the answers to them.

Subjects I Want to Learn

Gender Identity, Neonatal Development and Language Development are just a few things I want to learn about. They are either informational subjects I never learned about before, something that will help my career or how we learned to talk in society today. I can not wait to be able to broaden my perspective on these topics in the coming semester. Hopefully I can understand other human beings and their feelings about themselves and their developmental processes.


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