The Biggest Challenges for My Country. My Motherland Essay Example

My country has been through various challenges throughout its history. Unfortunately, we are still facing many social, political and economic issues. From my point of view, the greatest political problem for modern Georgia is its northern neighbour, Russia, a country currently occupying 20% of Georgia. This has a drastic impact, not only on the political stability of the country, but also on our socioeconomic development opportunities. These experiences, along with my experiences as an exchange student living in the United States, have shaped my thinking and cause me to consider a career in international diplomacy.

The Soviet era has had a lasting impact on Georgia. In an effort to disrupt the national integrity of the country, the USSR gave certain parts of Georgia partial or total independence. Soviet leaders even gave an area called Samachablo, a region historically and geographically part of Georgia, a new name, South Ossetia, to give the region a stronger sense of independence and a new identity. After the USSR fell apart, those regions still maintained the will to remain independent. In addition, Russian propaganda and support escalated the situation and caused chaos which led to the Russo-Georgian war.

The War of 2008 left a mark on every single Georgian, directly or indirectly. Russian aviation was bombing blocks of flats and causing casualties, within peaceful citizens who could not run, they were bombing everything starting from military bases ending with private houses. During this horrifying event, 169 Georgians died and more than 1000 were wounded. One of my classmates, Salome, was a young child in the city of Gori, where military activities took place. She recalls, "I remember tears on my mother's face and confused father who didn't know what to do.” Imagine a terrified 6-year-old girl, hearing explosions and gunfire, as she walked her terrifying path home. According to “Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories” up to 200,000 people became IDPs because their homes were destroyed or they were thrown out of their own homes on the basis of being Georgian. They now live in small, cramped houses provided by the Georgian government. Sadly, their suffering will not end until they are able to go to their own homes and sleep in their own beds.

Although it has been ten years since the war and international society, mainly U.S. and European governments, repeatedly continue to support Georgian sovereignty, Russia still tries to gain control of our territories. "Creeping Occupation" continues. Russian soldiers have moved the “borders” just 400 meters from our main highway. Many farmers who accidentally cross the "border" while leading their cattle are captured by Russian military forces and, in most of the cases, never return back. In the worst-case scenario, Russian military forces even put houses within the demarcation zone. Some people go to sleep in Georgia and wake up in "Russia".

Solving this enormous problem through military force is not possible. The only way we can overcome this is through diplomatic and peaceful negotiations. I clearly understand that it will not be easy, but firmly believe that it is possible. This is one of the main reasons why I want to dedicate my future career to diplomacy. I love my country and want to work for my people to create a stronger, better Georgia.

Since the war Georgia has a clearly declared pro-western policy, whereby our government is doing their best to join NATO and European Union. The United States has been Georgia’s main ally through all of these years. I am keen to learn more about how the United States is governed, what the internal structures look like, and how the foreign policy is determined. I have some theoretical knowledge from government and history classes, however, seeing this in practice and participating in Civic Education Week will allow me to expand both my experience and knowledge. Learning about the experiences that the United States had in its eventful history will hopefully give me a chance to implement those practices in my country to solve internal and external problems.

The modern United States can be considered the most successful nation, therefore, my small country can definitely learn a great deal from it. As a little cultural ambassador of my country and future diplomat, I want to play my role in the process of exchanging political knowledge and experience. The invaluable skills I will gain through participation in this program will help me pursue and fulfil my future goals and, of course, serve my country.


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