Why I Love Baseball Essay Example

I love baseball. I remember cheering for my hometown team when I was young. Every inning, every out, every pitch, my eyes were fixated on the screen. Here, I was introduced to the world of sports. With my new found passion, naturally, I decided to try out for my local little league team. However, there was one problem. I was terrible at baseball, a huge roadblock in my path to become a major league baseball player. I could barely throw or catch anything, let alone a baseball. Often times, I found myself on the bench watching other players succeed. This did not settle well with me. My dad told me “practice makes perfect”, a little cliché, but I took it to heart. I was determined to get better, and that I did. Thousands of baseballs were thrown and caught in my path to exceed at the sport. Slowly, day by day, with every throw, I found myself getting better and better. Before I knew it, I found myself as one of the better players on my junior travel baseball team. All of my hard work paid off. All seemed great, but little did I know, my life was about to change forever. It was a cool, foggy Saturday morning, all was normal. On this day, I was scheduled to pitch the start of the game. With my nerves running high, I managed to cruise through the first few innings. However, it was one bad pitch that caused things to take a turn for the worst. I remember the crack of the bat and before I knew it, I collapsed to the ground. I had been stuck in the left eye by the baseball. I heard screams around me as my coaches rushed out. I was immediately taken to the hospital via ambulance. There, the doctors informed me that my face had been severely broken in three different locations. A wave of devastation swept across my body. Why me? I asked myself this question a countless number of times. Soon after, I was scheduled for facial reconstruction surgery, with a total recovery period of three months. Just like that, my passion had been ripped out of my hands and tossed to the side. Life had just thrown me a curveball and I had swung and missed. There were times where I heavily doubted my ability to return to the sport. A major roadblock was ahead of me. Fear. A stubborn emotion, but not impossible to overcome, and that is exactly what I did. I decided to face the challenges that were ahead of me head on. It was a rough ride, and I was thrown off the saddle multiples times, but I got back up and continued on.

Through this period of growth I realized what you work hard for can be taken away at the drop of a hat. I learned to never take anything for granted, and most importantly, no matter how hard the challenge may seem to overcome, be resilient. My personal experiences and attributes have led me to persevere through these times of hardship. Through this experience I learned a lot about myself and what it means to get back up and continue on. I am eager and excited to explore the new challenges soon to be laid ahead of me.



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