Why School Should Start Early

School is a place where students spend much of their teen years. They have to set aside much of their free time dedicating it to their studies. While many are also playing sports and trying to juggle different activities all at the same time, balancing these things can be difficult. The start time for school is early and causes students to wake up before most usually would, but it also gets our schoolwork out of the way so we can focus on our hobbies later in the day.

Students are constantly complaining about how early the school day starts. Some stay up late that night to finish their homework or studies, and are forced to get only a couple hours of shut-eye. Some say the solution to this problem would be to start the school day later, but this would just cause more turmoil. As humans we like having schedules. We like knowing what is going to take place the next day and when and where we need to be. As high schoolers, we are all in our teen years and have grown up going to school typically at the same time. Since our bodies have gotten used to this and adapted to these schedules, changing now could cause our bodies to get confused and mess up our daily lives. If we go from a 8:00 start to a 9:00 start, we might begin to go to bed later which can be harmful to ourselves. You might get that extra hour of sleep, but when bedtime gets later and later, most students will see they are constantly losing hours of sleep due to the thought of getting an extra hour. An earlier start to the day motivates students to go to bed earlier instead of procrastinating homework. Not only can a later day be harmful on our bodies, but can also cause a huge change to our daily lives.

As teenagers, we are extremely busy in our everyday lives. We struggle finding the time to work on our studies and utilize our free time to do something we enjoy. With the school day ending at 3:00, it gives us plenty of time to finish homework, and extracurricular activities. A later start would take away time from our afternoons, and encourage worse sleeping habits. If we are waking up at a later time, we have less time to get homework done and enjoy ourselves. Some students may look at a later start as beneficial to them, but in reality it would only be hurting them.

This time change could also mess with extracurricular activities. Our schedules are based around school, and a later time could cause our hobbies to be pushed back even further in the day. If this was the case, then it would be hard to find time after to finish studies and homework. Some students might feel the pressures building up with the less time, and begin losing interest in their hobbies. One hour may seem like nothing, but this time adds up. Stress is high enough as it is for high schoolers, and taking away some of their free time can just make things worse. We all need a break from studying at some point, and finding that time will be tougher with a later start time.

It is understandable that a later start time can make students more attentive during class. It can be difficult to keep our minds on track in the early hours of the day. Though, having a regular start to the day should make students want to finish their homework earlier so they can make time for a good night of sleep. We all have that occasional long night of work, but if you prioritize your work and studies, finding the adequate shut-eye should not be an issue. This also can prepare young teens on how to properly utilize their time and prepare them for life after school and in the real world.School shouldn't start later because it will cause the school day to end later and give less time for extracurricular activities. Time is of the essence for high-schoolers and stripping even more of it can prove to be harmful to their physical and mental states. The start of school shouldn't start later or it will interfere with the daily life of students.


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