America's Homelessness Essay Example

The sound of change rattling in a beggar's cup, children crying due to hunger, and an elderly man sleeping on the hard, cold concrete is an unholy site, but it's a site we can not ignore in America. In this fast pace, wealthy country, the poor get abandoned and left behind. In big cities all across the United States, more people are losing their homes and resorting to sleeping in shelters. Particularly, unaffordable housing, health issues/disabilities, and family violence are a few of the many reasons why more and more people are becoming homeless in America.

What Causes Homelessness in a Society

The nation is having a crisis in affordable housing, and, with no surprise, the people living in poverty are the most affected. It is estimated around eleven million families pay more than half their income to rent, so it leaves the families with little to no money for food or bills (1). Furthermore, these low-income families are on the brink of living on the streets due to rising rent and housing. They simply cannot afford to live in the houses anymore and resort to other family members or the streets (3). In the end, becoming homeless is the only solution for some Americans. Overall, unaffordable housing is becoming one of the main reasons why so many people are becoming homeless.

Disabilities or mental and physical ailments leave thousands of defenseless Americans in the streets due to the inability to work or no access to medical help. Finding work as an disabled person is difficult since work forces want strong, fast workers, so that leaves the mentally and physically ill to have little to no income, leaving them poor and homeless. Around forty-five percent of all homeless people in America have a some kind of physical or mental illness that affects their life (4). In most cases, the illness could be diabetes, HIV/AIDs, and substance abuse (1). The sick and homeless have the hardest time getting back on their feet, so most of them become chronically homeless for years. Health and homelessness are inextricably linked, so sick and disabled people end up homeless due their health issues that limits them.

Facts About Homelessness

There is an undeniable connection between domestic violence and homelessness. Homeless teenagers and women are usually victims of an abusive household; therefore, many of them runaway from their homes and into the cold streets to escape the violence (1). The abuse survivors flee their home, but many escape with only the clothes on their backs and a backpack. The escapees have no money or economic resources to lean on, so most of them stay in shelters or a friend's house (3). However, many abuse survivors do not become chronically homeless. It is estimated around sixty percent of abused teenagers and women leave the streets in a year to two years (1). Overall, domestic violence victims tend to become homeless after they flee from home due the lack of money and resources, so domestic violence can lead to homelessness.

The main issues leading to homelessness tend to be the following: expensive housing, disabilities or ailments, and violent households. In such fast pace economy, the homeless are left behind. Many homeless people can not afford their homes, so they enter a shelter. On the other hand, ailments and domestic violence leaves the person with no home or money to live on, so they become homeless. Homelessness in America is bad, but acknowledging and helping the vulnerable humans will lead to unimaginable changes.


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