Causes of Human trafficking. A Migration Essay Example

The second section of this class has a focus on migration. Human trafficking is a major problem across the world. Human trafficking is making people slaves, prostitutes, and even selling their organs. (Broad, 2015). The thesis of Kevin Bales article was, “At the end of the 19th century, there was significant official concern in Europe and North America over the white slave trade, (primarily prostitution), and much less concern over enslavement and trafficking of other groups.” (Broad, 2015). To summarize Bales’ article, he argues human trafficking did not become a significant concern until the 19th century, and human trafficking is commonly known for sex trafficking. I agree with the thesis from Bales’ because in society we only hear about sex trafficking usually of females, and since they are most likely poor the news and government neglects the issue.

In the United States, we hear mostly about sex trafficking. As a society the topic of human trafficking has not commonly come up, but in Iowa we hear that human trafficking happens at the world’s largest truck stop on I-80 in Iowa. In cities with poor people we have main roads and interstates go around the poorer parts of towns and avoid areas where human trafficking takes place (Lagon, 2011). Sex trafficking is what we think of as human trafficking because it is the most seen in our society. On Craigslist it was easy to find a prostitute who may have been human trafficked until the “Adult Services” link was deleted in 2010 (Thakor, 2013). The Unites States can make a difference in human trafficking. Three things they can do is pass laws for human trafficking, have hearings for congress to get justice for victims, and develop domestic policy at the local, state and federal level for human trafficking. (Lagon, 2011). If the United States could make a difference for human trafficking, other countries can too.

The United Kingdom is no different than the United States and has human trafficking. Women who are poor in their countries get offers by men to live a better life and gain a better career in a different country (Oram, 2011). When they arrive their identification is taken and they are forced to work for hard labor for their lifetime or as prostitutes (Oram, 2011). They think they are getting a better life, instead it is destroyed. The United Kingdom is trying to help those who are human trafficked by giving them emergency medical treatment and making limited requirements for states to provide health care to those who are trafficked (Oram, 2011).

Human trafficking deals with migration because those being human trafficked believe taking the opportunity to move is going to better their lives. By the time they are at their destination their identity is taken away and they work as slaves or prostitutes and may not know the language commonly spoken in the new country. Some who are human trafficked are persuaded by family or close friends, while some even sell their children thinking they will have a better life. The world needs to take advantage of the media we have and make the population aware of what human trafficking is and how to report it to the authorities if we see potential human trafficking.

I agree with the thesis of Bales’ because in society, most are only aware of sex trafficking in females and children and not other components of human trafficking. Those who are human trafficked can work as slaves for their entire life and even have their organs sold. We do not hear much of human trafficking in the news because it happens in poor areas, places we avoid. Congress could attempt to make a difference in human trafficking and the United Kingdom has started to make a difference by giving those who were trafficked access to medical care. Hopefully someday around the globe as population rises, we learn to make a change in not only sex trafficking, but all types of human trafficking.


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