Cell Phone Addiction Essay Example

In today's society, technological addiction has become a topic of discussion for people around the world. The youth and the elders both have included the use of cell phones and social networking into their everyday lives. Social media has allowed users to connect with their friends and family. Although cell phones have many positive effects, if used in an uncontrolled manner they can lead to addiction.

Although cell phone addiction seems harmless when compared to substance abuse, it can be a serious issue for one’s mental development. An article by Marie Winn states, “[i]n a way a heavy viewer's life is as imbalanced by his [cell phone] habit as a drug addict or an alcoholic's. He is living in a holding pattern, as it were, passing up the activities that lead to growth or development.” The same problems that are seen among substance addicts are also present in cell phone addicts. Obsessive cell phone usage can lead to one developing withdrawal symptoms, often seen in people with drug addiction. This is a problem as other issues may begin to develop. Due to the inability to stop this behavioral addiction, addicts can potentially experience additional health issues such as anxiety and insomnia.

When referring to drugs or alcohol addiction, we often draw our attention to the negative elements. Consequently, we disregard the gratification that drug and alcohol consumption provides. Notwithstanding, with any addiction there is a seek for pleasure that life itself does not provide. An article by Winn says, “[t]he worries and anxieties of reality are as effectively deferred by becoming absorbed in a [cellphone] as by going on a trip and induced by drugs or alcohol.” No different from drugs or alcohol, cell phone usage enables the user to go into a pleasurable state of mind.

It is of vital importance for individuals to assess their usage of their cellular devices to avoid getting an addiction to the technology. Therefore, they can remain in a healthy state of mind and decrease the risk of obtaining health conditions from excessive usage of the cell phone. Cell phone dependency is similar to drug and alcohol addiction as both are used for pleasure if one does not take a break from seeking pleasure, it can lead to serious problems. Cell phone addiction should not be looked over because it can have serious effects that can be substantial to one’s health.


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