Essay on Heart Healthy Diet

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and a history of heart problems can reduce a person’s life expectancy. Unfortunately, the number one cause of death is heart disease, so an individual should take an approach to keep your heart healthy. By having a heart healthy diet plan, someone can live a long and happy life. A heart healthy diet takes a positive approach on foods that should be eaten every day. The recipient of this plan should be taking a method to increase the number of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains eaten every day. In addition, beans, nuts, and protein should be included into this diet plan. When going on this diet it is important to exercise several times a week. Exercising can improve blood flow, lower cholesterol, and help control blood sugar. Additionally, smoking is a very important procedure to not participate in. By quitting smoking, the risk of heart death can be reduced by 33%. Throughout this process, it is important to celebrate accomplishments in healthy ways. Losing 10-15 pounds is a major achievement and should be rewarded. However, this achievement should not be rewarded in unhealthy ways that will make a person gain the pounds they lost.

In a heart healthy plan, there are numerous factors that play into the diet. A controlled portion size should be contributed during every meal. A portion size is a major part of losing and gaining weight. For instance, eating a half portion of food is much better than eating two portions of food. Limiting unhealthy fats can reduce your blood cholesterol and lower your risk of coronary artery disease. A recommendation is no more than 5-6% of a saturated fat and to avoid trans. fats. Choosing from olive oil, canola oil, vegetable and nut oils, are healthy alternatives. Moreover, a low-fat protein source will help an individual lose weight. Low-fat dairy products, eggs, fish, skinless poultry, and lean ground meats are excellent choices for this plan. A risk factor of cardiovascular disease can be caused by eating a lot of sodium can contribute to a high blood pressure. Choose from herbs and spices, salt-free seasoning blends, and reduced salt-canned soups should be included into a meal.


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