Experience That Changed My Life Essay Sample

A brilliantly made quote that I like to look back on by Louis E. Boone states: "Don't fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have." This quote relates to the fact that I rarely like to introduce new concepts into my life. Boxing was one of those rare instances where something new became a devoted passion.

It all started at the school cafeteria where I was eating with my friends, Jason and Axel. The topic of boxing was brought up in our conversation. Both of them had prior experience with boxing; on the other hand, I was completely new to the sport. They encouraged me to try it out. I was extremely reluctant and avoided it for a while. A few days later, I was invited to go to their practice session that day. After some hesitation, I finally decided that I would accompany them.

When I arrived at the gym, the aroma of sweat and rubber filled the air. The clashing of punches against the punching bags and the ding of a timer could be heard. I was greeted by many of the coaches; they seemed to be interested in seeing a new face at the gym. Not many people were training. The compact gym had only enough room to hold the ring in the middle and an array of punching bags surrounding it.

It became quite apparent that I wasn't in tip-top shape at the time. The first few days of practice were excruciating. My body was not prepared for that amount of cardio. My punches were sluggish and pathetic. In addition to that, sparring days were not any better. My first sparring sessions were lethargic: like a sloth struggling to catch a bee. My opponents would zip right past my punches and come back with an agonizing sting to the head. A buzzing sensation would follow up that would leave me feeble and tiresome. The bitterness of blood mixed with the salty taste of sweat was a treacherous reminder that each mistake can end in a devastating consequence. After a while, I became accustomed to the sort of feelings that occurred.

Slowly, but surely, as the weeks passed by, I started to show immense improvement. The workouts were starting to pay off and I was not as exhausted. My stamina and power increased as well. The thought of practice was something I genuinely looked forward to throughout the day. I noticed that I was no longer an easy target for my sparring partners. I moved more swiftly and made less mistakes. This is because I began to learn how to utilize tactics like distance, combos, and styles.

When I barely started training, I was not generally informed on how to find your type of style. I was told that it would come naturally. I tried to copy many of my partners and friends, but their styles seemed too uncomfortable for me. Most of them were smaller in height and reach, which allowed them to get more up close and personal. Whereas, I had a more slender build compared to most of the individuals there. My preferred style included long range punches and quick feet. This allowed me to keep them at a distance and wear them out with simple combos. Due to my build and style, I gained the nickname "Scarecrow" from the coaches.

My friends were also a big reason I continued boxing. My two friends, Jason and Axel, were always there to support me through the hardest parts of boxing. Additionally, my coaches helped push me to my limits. They would shout at me from the other side of the ring and say, "Come on Scarecrow, is that all you got"!

After a tough day of practice, everyone would gather around the ring and share tips with each other or simply tell jokes. This made us more closer as a team. Even after a harsh day of sparring with each other, we continued to be supportive. I began to personally know every individual in that gym. Each one had an interesting story about how they joined boxing.

At this point in time, I began to grow a passion for boxing. I took the time out of practice to research different techniques and skills that I could use later on. I enjoyed watching professional boxers compete and studied their techniques like how they move, what they do in certain situations, and their stances. I became big fans of boxers like Wladimir Klitschko, Lennox Lewis, and Gennady Golovkin due to their similar styles.

It wasn't long before I notice that weight was going to be an issue. I did not realize the amount of calories I would be burning during my workouts. Therefore, I lost a vast amount of weight during my time there. I decided to take a break from boxing in order to regain my lost weight. I still continue to do boxing workouts, but not as intensive as before. I plan on returning back to the sport in the near future.

Although I rarely find new experiences intriguing, I am grateful for being able to experience the sport of boxing. From being the newcomer that takes a beating, to a passionate devotee. It was also the only sport that I admired enough to keep going. I look forward to continuing my journey in this sport.


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