Genetically Modified Food Essay Example

The food placed on our dinner table, the food given at a restaurant and the food we eat every day all has been genetically modified. They just don't know it. David H. Freedman, a writer who has been covering science for many years; wrote,"The Truth about Genetically Modified Food," explaining the truth about genetically modified food and how there are two sides to every story. Messing with nature and the structure of food creates this crisis of worries in people; but this discovery is the reason why we can feed this growing population. David H. Freedman creates a trust with the audience by providing facts from scientists who had or have experience with genetically modified foods.Throughout the article,"The Truth about Genetically Modified Food", David H. Freedman addressed both sides of genetically modified food with the usage of ethos and logos which is so proficient, it creates an atmosphere of relief for people to not worry about genetically modified food.

In his article, Freedman utilization of logos, provides logical facts to inform the audience that society has been consuming a massive number of GMOs and there have been no problems detected. He continued to mention how people have consumed as many as a trillion meals which contained genetically modified ingredients over the past few decades. And out of those trillions of meals containing genetically modified food, there has never been a verified case of people catching an illness from modified food. The structure in which Freedman writes his article, his facts build upon each other which proves his point of GMOs being way safer than foods that are not genetically modified. He also mentions Mark Lynas, who was a prominent anti-GM activist changed his aspect of modified food. He uses Mark's words to describe how every single report on record about food disasters had nothing to deal with genetic modified food. Freedman placing Mark Lynas in his article could possibly convince the audience that GMOs have never caused any food disaster from the start of this new technology. Freedman referring to Mark's aspect of GMOs elaborates the point of GMOs have not been harming the society or the human health.

GMO Food is The Necessity

As David H. Freedman keeps writing his article, he continued to use logos and mention reasonable facts about GMOs. He goes on to add how GMO seeds and plants are the reason why we have enough food to feed this growing population. He is providing reasoning on how these modified seeds are able to grow in places where plants don't usually grow. He adds on the fact how by 2050, the world would need to grow 70 percent more food to keep up with the growing population. He uses common sense to enlarge the importance of GMOs have been the past decades.. Freedman further goes into detail by connecting this fact to food prices. He goes on saying that if this technology was more widely adopted around the world, there would be more food to sell which would lower the price. The lower the price are on food, the more people can afford it which would lead to a less percentage of people dying of hunger. Freedman is connecting and providing facts from different aspects about GMOs to show the truth about them. The logical facts David H. Freedman provides in his article should convince people to support GMO foods and how they are benefiting our society.

Throughout his article, David H. Freedman used pathos creates a trust with the audience that they can believe what his provides in his article. He presents credible sources throughout his article that makes his argument firm. Some of the sources he uses in this article are different scientist like David Williams, David Zilberman and an activist name Mark Lynas. David H. Freedman using these sources supports his argument and shows that he has done his research on this topic. He adds an activist who first was against modified food, but later changed his aspect and started to support modified food. He includes these sources to make his argument stronger and showing the audience how people are misunderstanding this technology at first glance. Once one has done their research on genetically modified food and how it is greatly impacting the world, more and more people will start to support this technology. David H. Freedman also includes sources who are against modified food but uses other sources to prove them wrong. With the sources he uses, we can trust him on presenting researched facts about modified food.


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