The Negative Effect of Social Media Essay Example

In 2018, social media is incorporated in almost all aspects of life. Social media is evolving, expanding, and impacting more individuals daily. It is common to enter a facility and find a majority of the population viewing some form of social media. Currently, there are 3.196 billion global social media users according to "We Are Social." Social media platforms have altered our way of communicating, thinking, and method of obtaining entertainment. Constantly individuals are checking their timeline or uploading a post on their social media account. Social media offers people a way to network electronically and share information within seconds. Even though social media has changed our world tremendously, it has its disadvantages. While social media has allowed us to interact with individuals on a global scale and broadened our methods of communication, it has created a gateway to cyberbullying, privacy issues, and unrealistic expectations.

Social Media and Bullying

The word "bullying" has a negative connotation which creates a disheartening feeling for many individuals. When someone bullies someone their intention is to cause harm or intimidate their victim. Cyberbullying is bullying that occurs over electronic devices and usually on social media sites such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. Majority of cyberbullying victims are between the ages of twelve and eighteen. When considering the age range of the individuals impacted by cyberbullying it can be alarming. Cyberbullying victims are young teens or adults who are dealing with negative and harmful comments. These comments can have a detrimental impact and lead to multiple health issues among the victims. Cyberbullying has been linked to causing depression, anxiety, and decreased academic achievement. In grave cases, some individuals have unfortunately committed suicide as a result of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is a subject matter that has been gaining great attention over the years due to the increase in victims being affected by it. It is difficult to deal with face-to-face to bullying, but cyberbullying is done on a larger platform to agitate the victim and allow others to gain entertainment from it. Cyberbullying happens twenty-four hours a day and it cannot be erased once it is uploaded. There is no disappearing or avoiding cyberbullying for relief due to the lack of privacy on social media which is a large disadvantage of social networking.

Vulnerability of Personal Information On Social Media

Once you sign up to create a social media account you're providing social media companies with your name, age, birthday, email address, and even location at times. When you supply this information, you are immediately at risk for hackers, scammers, and robbers to attack you in some form. When you place your information on a website multiple people can find the means to hack into your account and gain your private information. They can use this information to steal your identity or hack onto your page to post troubling content. Scammers can also access this information to contact you to offer you illegal merchandise or discover a way to access your mutual funds. Hackers and scammers stalk social media websites yearning to find information to steal from users. Robberies have also been linked to social media because of the content individuals post on their account. Social media sites allow you to share your location and display the items you own. A number of social media users have been robbed due to sharing information about them not being in their homes at a certain time. Also, people have been robbed because they have displayed their glamorous lifestyle. These are unfortunate yet factors that come alongside with social media. The glamorous lifestyle that many seek and wish to obtain when viewing posts or videos of social media users create unrealistic expectations.

Disappointment of Social Media

Unrealistic expectations are found throughout social media sites. Whether on Instagram ,where the majority of the famous users have a sought-after body, or on YouTube where famous users are living a luxurious lifestyle at a young age, they are great influencers. On Instagram where famous users are paid to post pictures of themselves because they fit within a specific beauty standard, others have to deal with body shaming and self-consciousness. If one doesn't look a certain or acceptable way it can lower their self-esteem and create body image issues. Multiple people are turning to plastic surgery to look like their favorite "Instagrammer." Young adults who view famous "Youtubers" have to deal with not feeling accomplished when comparing themselves to YouTube tycoons. Numerous individuals have become famous because of YouTube. They have earned enough money to support themselves and live lavishly due to the amount of success gained from this social media platform. Majority of these tycoons are under the age of thirty and it causes individuals with an actual occupation to question themselves. Several young adults want the lives of YouTubers and they want them within a short time period. Unfortunately, everyone cannot gain millions of subscribers on YouTube and use this social network as an occupation. This factor causes a multitude of people to become unhappy and possess unrealistic goals. Some will even create dangerous challenges to gain attention which results in them going viral and gaining subscribers.

In conclusion, social media is having a deleterious impact on our lives. Social media has caused us to feel comfortable shaming others publicly for people all over the world to view. Social media has caused us to put ourselves at risk and fall victim to scandalous crimes. Social media has made us believe that we should look a certain way to be accepted in society. This form of communication has caused us to believe that we must obtain everything swiftly and easily. Whether we accept the consequences of social media is an individual choice that everyone must personally ponder upon. However, we should work tirelessly to change the negative aspects of social media because each day a new app or form of communication is created. We must learn how to use social media while ensuring that every individual is able to successfully and gaily conduct themselves on these flourishing platforms.


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