Why Different People Like Each Other. The Attraction Essay

Ever heard the saying, "Opposites attract."? It's true! Periodically the most valuable connections happen with extraordinary energies. Take a battery for instance. Every productive battery has a positive end and a negative end. With just two positive ends or just two negative ends, batteries would be unable to effectively demand anything and would, therefore, have no use. As people, we are the same way. We feed off of each other's energies, vibes, and personalities. When we analyze the influences we accept in choosing friends, we'll notice that we share some things in common with our friends, but we are also completely diverse. For instance, my two most beloved friends, Bianca and Emma, is nothing alike (as I share some similarities with them also but still am very different) but they get along very well. They differ in almost everything: appearance, personality, religion, and fashion.

Emma and Bianca are outstandingly beautiful on the inside but seem to be nothing alike on the outside. Emma is slim and tall, with big beautiful light brown eyes and long coal-black silky hair. She gets many compliments when we're out hanging together. It's not uncommon for us to be put together and a guy tries to get her number. Emma is a man magnet; she demands attention in every room she enters. Bianca, on the other hand, is short and thick. She does not receive any attention when were are out hanging together. She has long blonde hair, opaque brown eyes with thick curves. Both are beautiful in the same way regardless of their height or waist size.

We all have that one friend that is unafraid to say what is on their mind or express to you how they really feel. This friend would definitely be a Bianca! She is unusually forthcoming, loves to have fun, and can be very talkative. Bianca is also very open-minded about peculiar situations. When something doesn't feel right to her, or she feels something is amiss, she will express that in the bluntest way possible. Sometimes she has no filter whatsoever. Emma, on the contrary, is shyer and introverted, but observative. Unlike Bianca, Emma is extremely quiet. People that do not know Emma frequently assume she is antisocial or unfriendly because of her aloofness, but in all actuality, she is sweet and conservative. Her intense facial expressions do not seem to make the assumptions any better, though!

Some may discover it is difficult to bond with others with diverse spiritual backgrounds or religious beliefs. This may be true, but for Emma and Bianca, they have identified ways to cope with and respect each other's practices. Bianca is a Christian, and Emma, a Jehovah Witness. Instead of arguing or exchanging beliefs in religious affairs, the two have agreed to respect each other's decisions and beliefs. They once had an argument about what it takes to get into heaven, which temporarily ended their friendship. About two weeks after the argument, a mutual friend of the two was killed in a car accident, and they realized that life is extremely short to not embrace your friends because of their own beliefs.

Just like we all have a Bianca in our circles, we also have an Emma. Emma is definitely a fashionista. She stays up to date with the most recent trends, whether it's shoes, clothes, hair, or nails. She is always complimented on her dress in color choices and how she can put simple pieces together and make them look expensive. I frequently find myself turning to Emma, rather than Bianca, for fashion advice. Bianca is nowhere near as trendy as Emma. A t-shirt and jeans are her go to, with her favorite flip flops and her hair in a messy bun or ponytail. Bianca dresses for comfort, while Emma dresses to impress!

We often look at our friends and see ourselves in them. We share common interests, like the same foods, or even enjoy the same activities, but it's no fun entertaining friends that are exactly like us. The most genuine friendships represent those built with people from unique backgrounds, belief systems, and personalities. Emma, Bianca, and I have many things in common while at the same time are nothing alike. We feed off of each other's differences. Regardless of how we look, dress, or behave, we can still have a lasting and healthy friendship. It is true: Opposites not only attract, they become one.


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