An Analytical Juxtaposition of Summer and Winter Essay Example

Seasons come and go as they please. Each season contains drastic similarities but more commonly drastic differences. The seasons go in order—winter, spring, summer, and fall. Thinking of winter snow, Christmas, holidays, and baking may come to mind. Thinking of spring Easter, cleaning, flowers, and Mayday baskets may spark up in your mind. Thinking of summer the pool, vacations, lake days, and sunny days may come to mind. Lastly, when pondering fall apple orchards, pumpkins, leaves, and Thanksgiving typically come to mind. Each unique in their own exceptional way. Focusing on two, summer and winter have the most drastic and contradicting differences and characteristics. Summer and winter are the complete opposites of each other. These two particular seasons put people in different moods, these seasons contain abundant amounts of different activities to do, and lastly, these seasons contain different holidays. These seasons have different characteristics to them; juxtaposing to familiarize yourself with the differences will help you gain a better understanding and make your life vastly extra sufficient.

Starting on a positive note, a wonderful mood is how everyone appears to exist during summertime. The last day of school generally puts kids overwhelmingly positive moods. As the kids wait anxiously on the edge of their seats, biting their fingernails, waiting for the clock to tick right at three o’clock. The kids wait in their seats in suspense. Anxious about school ending. When the clock strikes three, the kids rush out of their seats and scream of joy because they cannot contain their happiness coming from inside. The kids are experiencing pure joy knowing that summertime has just begun. The older parents are in good moods as well. The older parents are happy knowing their kids will come home from college and they have a full house again. Summertime generally brings people a great deal of relaxation and a great deal of happiness. Our bodies need sufficient amounts of vitamin D. Shining frequently, the sun provides us with an abundant amount of the essential vitamin D we need. We need the sun the allay people. Imagine feeling the warm cordial sun saturating into your skin. How can you go wrong? You cannot! If a person gets too hot lucky for them, they can find a local lake to dive into or splash into the chilly city pool. Summer generally puts people into good moods. You have to discover the good in summer, so the summer will discover the good in you.

Summer is a busy season, containing loads of activities. Summer is prime time to get yourself active. Due to warm weather, a multitude of sports is able to be practiced and played. To name a few—tennis, baseball, softball, soccer, football, and many more sports are common to practice and play during the summer. Summer is the perfect season to explore and get out of your home. Summer is prime time for adventuring. Climbing up mountains and feeling the dirt in your fingernails are moments to live for. Setting up a tent in the middle of woods and not having a care in the world is prime for avid adventure people. Summer is for finding your city’s bike trail and challenging yourself to bike the distance no matter how long it takes you. A person can find themselves spending more quality time with family. When thinking of summer, often at times lake cabins may come to mind. Lake cabins are perfect places to spend quality time with family and friends. A typical lake day consists of sleeping in and realizing that you don’t have a single worry in the world. You don’t have to do any physical or mental work at all. Pure relaxation. You walk outside your bedroom to a beautiful view of twenty-one miles of lakeshore off into a distance. You soon realize you get to devour your breakfast. When the breakfast is enormous, it is ready to be devoured. You get to eat your breakfast in a warm relaxing hammock. After breakfast, you can go outside to the dock, and the boat is ready to be driven. You pop in a classic CD full of summer songs that you enjoy listening to. You feel the warm sun tanning your skin. You feel the wind blowing through your hair. Life is good and that's only the beginning of the day. The day continues filled up with fun and relaxing activities to do with your friends and family. The lake life is a good life. Summer nights are what many teenagers live for. What’s better than screaming your favorite songs at a hip concert? To a teenager, almost nothing can top a concert where they feel so alive. Summer is generally busy. In the end, it only matters what you make of it. You get the power to choose how you want to spend your summer.

Summer does not consist of many well known holidays. Summer’s main holiday is the Fourth of July. The Fourth of July is when America gained their independence and it is considered important for all Americans to take the opportunity to celebrate this special day. The fourth consists of bountiful amounts of fireworks. Fireworks containing every shape and size a human can think of. The fourth consists of spending time with family and friends eating food and celebrating. If you are lucky enough, you will get the chance to see the fireworks on a lake. Seeing the vibrant reflections of the fireworks on the lake is simply the coolest wonder a person may watch. The fourth is a holiday that many cannot forget. With summer coming to an end, Labor Day is the next big holiday Americans experience. Labor day is a day filled with festivities to honor people who work. Americans mostly make the most of the holiday to spend extra time with their family. Cabins are usually busy during Labor day weekend. Cars fill the streets and roads and pretty soon all the local summertime businesses are hopping. People also may take advantage of the time to get away for the weekend. They may pack their kayaks and go find a beautiful place to go to kayaking. If they have a camper, they may take their camper out to woods or someplace beautiful to go sightseeing. Take advantage of these holidays, life is short. You never know when it will be your last day on earth...

Winter comes along and for many, especially those who live in the Midwest, know that winter contains incredible amounts of snow. Winter generally puts people in sleep and often depressing moods. Not everyone experiences these feelings but the majority of the people may feel this way towards winter. People may feel depressed because they are not able to get outside and enjoy beautiful weather like they can during the summer. During the winter, people do not get their annual amounts of vitamin D. Lower levels of vitamin D can lead to depression, therefore, not getting enough sun will make people feel depressed. During the summertime, especially in the midwest, it gets dark outside real soon. Some days it is even as soon as five o’clock. The darker it gets outside, the sooner a person is prepared to get to bed. Often times the winter tends to make us really tired and sleepy. On the flip side, winter may put certain people in an optimistic mood. The snow, cookies, soups, and Christmas may tend to make certain people happy. Cuddled up in a blanket, watching a Christmas movie, and drinking some hot-chocolate could set a person off to be happy. It is all about perspective and how we tend to look at the winter given to us. The season winter is bound to come, we know it is coming so why not make the most of it. Chose to find the good in winter and you will be put in a good mood.

Get creative! Explore what winter has to offer! You can spend your winter season learning how to snow ski, snowboard, and even ice skate! Buy a cheap pair of ice skates and go out to find a lake or ice rink and have some fun. Challenge yourself to find your state’s highest mountaintop and ski, snowboard, or even sled down it! Gather all the snow you can find and make a ridiculously huge snow fort. Winter is the prime season for baking. So why not go to the grocery store and raid the baking aisle? Find your old grandmothers recipes and whip up some stellar cookies. No one can resist the redolent smell of your grandmother's cookies. Find the fun in winter and it will find the fun in you.

Winter contains various exciting holidays. The most prominent holiday has to be Christmas. Christmas contains Jesus, bright lights, Santa Claus, and cookies. Christmas is a holiday to spend quality time with family especially if it involves a tropical vacation. Christmas may be considered remarkably hollow to certain families. Another prominent holiday has to be New Year's Eve. Friends and family gather together to have a celebration of a new year. A celebration for a new year and new opportunities and memories to be made. Often at times people gather around a tv and admire the ball dropping. If someone is lucky enough they may get the chance to experience the ball drop in person in Times Square. Many other holidays appear during winter. Winter is known for the slogan “happy holidays.”

Summer and winter contain similarities and more commonly lots of differences. Comparing and contrasting the moods, activities to do, and holidays. The seasons vary greatly among those three characteristics. Perspective is what it all comes down to. How you look at opportunities and challenges in life. We are only given so many days on earth to live. You never know when it is your last. Take the seasons to heart. Cherish and enjoy them. Spend your seasons in the best possible mood you can. Take risks and go on so many adventures. Spend the quality holidays with your friends and family. I hope the seasons change you for the better.


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