Comparison of Batman and Superman. A Superheroes Essay Example

Batman and Superman are probably the two most popular and well-known superheroes in the world. They are two completely different types of people but still have similarities. For example, Superman is from a different planet, Krypton, while Batman is a human being. Batman has the money and the brains, while Superman has the superpowers. There are so many things that have to be looked at when comparing these two heroes. After all, comparisons are complete, there is still no way to conclude that either one is superior.
Superman or Clark Kent was raised on a farm, without much money. He does not have access to all the equipment and gadgets that Batman does, however, he does not really need all of that. He has physical advantages over everybody he battles with. Not only can he fly, but he can fly faster than the speed of bullets. On top of that, he superhuman strength that gives him an advantage over essentially everyone. Superman also has other superpowers like x-ray vision, which allows him to see through walls and buildings to locate enemies, and super hearing that allows him to hear things coming before he ever sees them. Laser vision is another power that to any normal person would be impossible to defend. Batman, on the other hand, does not have the superhuman powers of Superman but has. In fact, he has no superpowers at all. But he has the gear and intelligence to put up a good fight.

Batman or Bruce Wayne was raised in a mansion and was able to get his hands on some high tech equipment because of who he was. Also, like the movie, “The Dark Night” shows, he was trained and became an excellent fighter. He not only has many tools to help him, but he is also trained and can beat any normal human in hand to hand combat. His fighting ability has helped him take down many bad guys in his career, but is he good enough to take on Superman? There are many things that you would have to factor in. One, Batman is a normal guy so Superman’s powers might be too much for him to handle. Two, Superman cannot function around kryptonite so all Batman would have to do is get his hands on some, which would probably not be difficult with his resources, and then he’s got the upper hand.
Batman typically does battle with human enemies, such as drug lords, or other criminals who are trying to wreak havoc on humanity. Superman, on the other hand, frequently faces aliens and other beings who have some form of supernatural power themselves. In the end, however, both Batman and Superman have a similar goal, to protect the good people of earth from whatever evil beings happen to be posing a threat.

Superman only has one weakness, kryptonite. Batman does not necessarily have any weaknesses besides the fact that he is human. Superman clearly has the advantage over Batman simply because he has superpowers. Batman, on the other hand, has access to an almost unlimited supply of gadgets that could help defend against Superman’s powers. Superman has the strength and powers while Batman has the advantage in intelligence, creativity, and certainly technology. In the movie, Superman was trying to talk to Batman instead of killing him right away. Batman took advantage of this and had the opportunity to kill him but was talked out of it. Some would say that because of this, Batman is better than Superman. However, if Superman was trying as hard as he could from the beginning, it might have been a completely different fight. There is no way to know for sure who would win in a true fight to the death, but the movie makes them seem equal.


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