Food Trucks Vs. Restaurants Essay

There's always a battle between a sit-down restaurant and the pop-up restaurants. In today's society those pop-up restaurants are food trucks and restaurants are to their limit with them. There's been a battle of the two both business and legal. The fight is over who will get the most consumers and have the most profit at the end of the day. Restaurant owners have made countless laws to inhibit food trucks from making profit to survive, but should they be allowed to continue?

Between the licensing, food permits, insurance, and Health regulations, it can be hard running a food truck. First you have your licensing which goes from Food Service permits, food safety permit, General business permit, and mobile food license permit; all of these are also subject to change or renewal when you go from City to city or new States. These are also only if you're not seeing alcohol, there are three more for that. Then you have your insurances which you then need insurance for the food handling, the business itself, the truck and your car that you have that goes along with it, and of course the employees. Food trucks also have health regulations. Which consists of a monthly check to make sure that the truck is in Tip-Top shape. Food trucks end up having more Health regulation check-up then actual restaurants. Then last but not least you also have the regulations of where food trucks are allowed to park. These regulations depend on which city or state you're in. Most cities had a law that states that no food truck is allowed to park within 5 miles of a restaurant.

The question still stands of why restaurants don't like food trucks. A simple answer to that, is because food trucks allowed for more variety of food at a faster rate. For restaurants they typically have one style of food but food trucks are subject to change and weather. They can pick and choose what they want to sell and where to go. Being a stationary restaurant you have one set of demographics to make profit from but being a multiple restaurant you have different demographics you can pick and choose from to make the most profit. Which is what makes restaurants so angry because they are in a constant Battle of who's going to make more money and how are they going to compete. The restaurant owner simple answer create laws that prohibit food trucks from getting it on their business. The only issue is that no matter how many laws they create food trucks will still be around and today's culture wants something fast with more variety, so food trucks continue to win.

The easiest way for a food truck to be seen or noticed is definitely social media. Our Generation today spends more time on the internet and searching through their phones than anything else so why not Target them through their social media. Whether that be Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, or Snapchat. These social media tools allow food trucks to Mark where they are and where they're traveling to. There are even specific apps that allow you to track food trucks and where they're going to be at or events to go to for food trucks. Sure you can look up a restaurant where it's going to be, but it won't be the same finding five food trucks with five different types of food in the same area.

The battle continues everyday between a restaurant and a pop-up restaurant but there shouldn't be. There are enough laws and regulations per city and state that allow both pop-up restaurants and sit down restaurants to still make profit and survive with today's culture. The constant need to inhibit food trucks from making money is it necessary anymore, but casual competition is always good for business both ways.


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