How I Learn Best Essay Example

There's a saying "You learn something new everyday". This is true because I learn things everyday, not necessarily things from school or educational wise. It could just be something as simple as a new way to make eggs! I think I like to learn. I am a very curious person and like being fed knowledge on the most random things. Everyday I try to learn at least 3 things from a wide variety of topics. In school I enjoy learning in certain classes. My favorites would probabl;y have to be math and history. Stories, and the fact that math is in everyday life from buildings to sports to figuring out what clothes to buy with the 30$ you have to spend at the mall, just fascinate me. I still like learning in other subjects but just not as much as my favorites. Six things I enjoy learning about are technology, sports, math, recent history, random facts, and business/ industrial info. Two challenging things to learn for me are probably comprehending a story because I don't enjoy reading personally. The second is writing essays. I have been told they were horrible so I hope reading this you don't think the same. But if you do, I will change that this year. Two learning goals I have are to be better in english class because last year I didn't do so well so i want to change that. The second is to overall become a better student.

In English class, a survey on different types of learning. After taking it and receiving my score I discovered that I learned best with people and through talking. Of the three learning types it came to the realization, one that was no surprise to me, that I was an auditory learner. During lectures I do not need to take notes because I retain all the information being told to me. It is actually harder to take notes to take in the information because I am more focused on taking quality notes. One could say that you could just study your notes, however being an auditory learner this is more difficult for me because I need things said directly to me unlike a visual learner who learns best seeing things. When learning new information, being in a lecture, or participating in an assignment, hearing is the most vital sense to me.

Before taking the survey, we read an article on multiple intelligences. The title was Multiple Intelligences: What does the Research Say? By Howard Gardner. I learned that there are eight types of intelligences and that we have all of them at different strength levels. This is good to know because it tells me that just because I am better at learning certain things it can't guarantee but can give somewhat of an idea of the type of learner I am. I will use this information to help me think of ways to learn how to be a successful auditory learner through ways I learn best. For example, in the text it says, "Learning about fractions through musical notes, flower petals, and poetic meter" This person learns math through music, nature, and poetry. I can do the same and learn things I struggle on the teachers way through things I am strong in like my interpersonal intelligence and use other peoples emotion to help write essays with more detail and flavor. One last way I can use this information is to figure out what field or major I should study based on what I am skilled at and already like.

In the text it says that "Many educators have had the experience of not being able to reach some students until presenting the information in a completely different way or providing new options for student expression.". Three obstacles I have when learning are; the fact most classes require notes, assignments with written directions, and studying from a book. The first challenge I face is having to take notes. In paragraph 2, I stated that I had trouble retaining information when having to take notes as I listen. I perform better and have performed better on test by only listening to the instructors lectures. For example, on my history exam we were required to take cornell notes on the lecture and got a 89%. Then on our final it was optional to take notes and I chose not to and got a 97% statistically proving that listening helps me better than notes. This is because when I am into a conversation or speech I can remember almost word for word what was said. The second obstacle I face is doing assignments that require reading directions. This is because I have trouble paying attention to close details in text and sometimes miss out on certain things. It is better to listen to instructions but then again it is only if I pay attention. The third and final difficulty I face is studying notes I take. Studying is hard because I have a problem memorizing things. This is why if I don't pay attention the first time I have a lot of trouble with remembering it for something like a test. These are three challenges I face due to being an auditory learner.

Because some people have only one learning type, many challenges such as the ones previously stated may occur. However I have constructed a plan to counteract with these obstacles. This year to overcome these obstacles, I will pay attention to lectures or anything being told to me and if I have to take notes take notes after I hear and understand the subject. I will also ask my classmates for clarification if I do not understand something or I can ask the teacher if I don't get the instruction. I have been afraid of asking my peers because they sometimes laugh at me because I have ADHD and make silly mistakes at times, but that is no excuse because they will not make me successful only I will. My final way of resolving my difficulty is to study by talking about what I know, finding videos and listening to the topic, or having someone read the notes to me so I can go over it again. Overall having a specific learning type has its perks and its downsides but if you find a way to use your type of learning to your advantage and work with it, learning can be just as easy as anyone else and you will be able to accomplish any assignments!


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