The Definition of Success and Failure and Their Role in Our Life

There are two words that the society often believe to contradict each other and these are success and failure. I am confident that ordinarily all individuals would desiderate to flourish into successful beings and would circumvent failure at all cost. Typically, there are people across all nations that would be bewildered by whether they are regarded as successful or as failures, but in order to discover the answer each person should scrutinize the definitions of success and failure. Subsequently, the person should recall all of the previous experience and would categorize them either in success or failure.

How do I define success? That’s a question that I wasn’t able to answer directly and took me some time to find an answer to. In my opinion, success can be more than one thing at the same time. That being said, I think that success is being able to pursue your dreams and achieve all of your goals, as well as securing the job of your dreams while exhibiting the passion for that job. I think that having a passion for the job of my dreams would allow me to thrive in that area of expertise, because having a passion for it means I will never get bored of it nor give up on it if I face an obstacle. Such a success would fulfill my needs and help me support my family. Also, pursuing my dreams and achieving my goals would definitely ensure my happiness because what’s better than finally having a dream of yours come true or accomplishing a set of goals that you have regularly thought about. Moreover, many factors have an impact on success including: believing in yourself and capabilities, meaning don’t cut yourself short. I think it’s essential to constantly encourage yourself that you are capable of doing whatever you want and that if you experience any struggles, you can manage to overcome them. Additionally, don’t measure your success against another individual’s definition of success because in order for you to have the desire to succeed and put in the maximum effort possible, it should be something that you genuinely want and would consider as a success. Furthermore, achieving an accomplishment causes success and when you achieve a number of consecutive accomplishments, it allows you to become successful.

The definition of failure is subjective to each individual; several people might deem failure as a negative circumstance while others regard it as a positive situation. Personally, I would define failure as being incapable of achieving a goal that I have set for myself, but also I perceive failure as a lesson that will teach me. Moreover, failing can be considered as motivation because I believe that if I fail at a particular task, I will recall the events that occurred and consequently strive to discover the mistakes that I did to learn from them, so failure can act as a wakeup call. I believe each person is going to fail at least once in order to succeed ultimately. Therefore, failing isn’t a matter of if; it’s a matter of when because it is bound to happen. On top of that, I suppose that whenever an individual fails, it can be identified at as a new opportunity or a second chance to start afresh but this time with an enhanced knowledge about the situation. There are two outcomes that each individual will benefit from failing, one being courage and two being resilience. Fundamentally, failing would allow the person to overcome the fear of failure since it strikes as a reality check, where the person must come to terms with it and start over again and this will build up the courage that a person possess. As for resilience, it goes with perseverance due to the fact that when we fail we are supposed to recognize at it as a challenge or an obstacle that we will conquer, meaning we would proceed to endeavor until we accomplish our goals. Additionally, I postulate that failing is a step to achieve a goal because no one can absolutely succeed without encountering a struggle or failing at a particular attempt. Furthermore, if I were to compare failure with success in terms of definition, there is a relationship between them where some people view them as antonyms of each other, but in my opinion, failure is what will constitute a pathway to success.

Picturing myself fit into either one of the categories, whether it is success or failure, is a challenging thought. At the beginning I thought that I fit into both categories since I encountered both successes and failures in my life. To me, success is achieving my goals while failure is quite the opposite although I believe that it paves the path to success. I definitely had my share of failures, whether it was the time I didn’t obtain the scores I desired in my externals or the time I failed to acquire my driver’s license from the first time. But honestly, my successes outweigh my failures and that is why I believe that I tend to lean towards fitting into the definition of success. When I was seventeen years old, my goal was to get accepted into a prestigious university that is distinguished and has the ability to provide its students with opportunities to accomplish their goals. But at the same time, a university that has electromechanical engineering as a bachelor’s degree and when I became eighteen years old, I succeeded with that goal of mine by getting accepted into Cal Poly Pomona for the fall semester. Moreover, during my high school years, I set a couple of goals for myself which included: graduating with a high GPA, establishing connections with individuals that I can call my friends and going to the gym regularly so as to maintain my fitness. By the end of my high school journey, I can proudly state that I managed to achieve the listed goals. Furthermore, I did face a challenging circumstance which was during my externals when I did not get the grade that I contemplated in statistics. Consequently, I recognized this failure as a lesson and set a goal that I would register for a second try but this time I would actually put in effort to do my ultimate best in order to achieve a grade that would surpass my previous one. Essentially, I used this failure to my advantage where I learned more about my weaknesses in statistics and improved my skills in this particular subject. This experience turned into a success when I received the result of the second try and I did attain a grade that I aspired to get.

After apprehending the definition of success and failure, individuals can delve into a search of whether they fit more with the success category or the failure category. This search can be implemented by reminiscing all the accomplishments and all the situations recognized as failures, then examine which category predominates the other. It is imperative that if a person desires to be successful, that person should use every failure and make the best out of it by learning from the rendered mistakes. Also, giving up when facing a struggle should not even cross the mind because with perseverance success would follow.


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