Effect of The Audience on Our Creation

The audience plays a major role in any piece of creation. An audience perceives information differently and creating a too narrow and extremely focused topic ends up making your creation pompous. That taken in consideration, we had to come up with creations that will meet audience expectations towards the drug melatonin. After pre determining our primary and secondary audience we had to make a creation that would amuse both audiences equally.

We created a poster, flyer and brochure with clear content without any explicit information. Our primary audience was patients suffering from sleep disorders, age 10 and above, since this included minors our information had to be ethical to all ages. Some information such as sexual behaviours, family conflict, and family planning are considered inconsiderate to minors. Unseemly content to some ages and gender makes them reject the entire creation. As a result, our creation was fair minded to all gender, age, race, sexual orientation, and occupations. Ailments such as sleeping disorders can affect anyone in the society, therefore our creation had to be candid.

Audience impacted our tone and attitude. Our primary audience are patients who have been seeking a solution to their ailments by hook and crook. We had to make a creation that would not make our audience feel bad about themselves by acknowledging them giving them confidence through a liable solution. Maintaining an erudite, obsequious and patronizing tones was eminent to our creation for them to buy the drug from the company as well as being aware of the new discovery.Making the audience feel that you are taking him/her into account was important and determined by our tone.

Dictation of our creation had to be simple and to the point. Any creation, aiming at a large audience has to be free from the use of slang and inappropriate words. Since our audience was not easy to reach through posters and flyers, we chose to use a bright color and typographical images to direct our audience's attention. We also had to define our relationship with the audience through choice of words like "Are you" this establishes a direct rapport with the audience.

In conclusion, understanding our audience affected our creations' content, dictation, tone and attitude. Audience plays an important role in determining the quality of a service and product. Our creation had to be a firing imagination of our audiences and keeping their chins up at all times. A bored audience is the least any creator, speaker or author can expect and therefore adjusting a creation to be the best fit for an audience is paramount.


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