Essay About Family and Its Role in My Lif

Growing up, I had no idea how much my environment would affect my personality. I was, and still am, blessed to have an amazing family that loves me unconditionally. Through them, I have learned much about who I am as a person. Without my family there to support me over the years, I wouldn't be the person I am today.

When I was a little girl, my parents always told me to never give up, no matter what. Even now, their lessons on perseverance play an important role in my decision-making process. When I started high school, that determination to commit was put to the test. As a freshman, I joined a sport called Color Guard, where we spin flags, rifles, and sabers whilst dancing to music. The first year or so of being in the sport flew by with little to no problems at all. I quickly grew to love the sport and even found myself tossing random objects I would find around the house in the air. Color Guard became my passion, and I made many friends doing it. The next year, however, everything changed. My sophomore year I was picked for a crucial solo in our marching show over another girl who wanted it. Since the moment I was picked for that solo, that girl has resented me. She turned all the other girls in our class against me, and I ended up feeling excluded and unwanted. I was never invited to parties that the other girls would have, and they all talked to me like I was slow. The contempt in their eyes was so discouraging, and at the time I had no idea why they all despised me. One of the worst experiences of this animosity was when we were at a competition in Denton, Texas, during the spring of my junior year when a group of some girls I thought were my friends turned on me and tried to leave me in a mall in another city, with no cell phone and no way to get back to the buses. At that moment, I was ready to quit. Thankfully, the only girl on the team who stuck by me told me that I shouldn't let those girls take away an activity that I loved so much. She persuaded me to stay on for another year, and I have never been prouder of a decision in my entire life. We got a new director, and I made some new friends in the sophomore and freshman members of the team, who I disregarded in previous years. Since then, I have been improving on my equipment and giving all the girls who disliked me fewer reasons to judge me. My decision to persevere despite the other girl’s feelings about me has led to me becoming even more confident in my decision, and in myself.

Without my amazing family in my life to teach me the value of never surrendering, I likely would have quit and regretted it immediately. Guard has become my life, and no amount of hatred amongst the girls will ever break me away from it. The environment in which I grew up had a large impact on me as a person, leading me to never ever quit something that I've committed to. I still have rough days here and there, but I have found it more vital than ever to honor the messages my family taught me when I was younger. I'm proud to say that I will never give up, even if the road ahead seems difficult. A person's environment plays a vital role in how they live their lives as adults, and I'm grateful that my environment pushed me to succeed.


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