Essay On Football Players Behavior

How could one disrespect their country by kneeling during the national anthem at National Football League (NFL) when the same country gave them the opportunity to play the sport they are devoted to? Every Sunday it is a tradition for my father and I enjoy watching football games all day to unwind from the week before and prepare for the upcoming week. On this one particular Sunday, as always my father and I grabbed our favorite game time snacks such as golden brown delicious pretzels, chips, and chocolate milkshakes that were paper thin. We then sat down to watch the game around one o'clock when the game was set to begin and the national anthem was playing however; there was not one single player on the field to pay respects to our country. The Tennessee Titans and the Seattle Seahawks were in their locker rooms opting not to participate in the honoring of the United States. Every fan in the stands stood up removed their caps and faced the flag to show the loyalty to America while the field was as empty as school during the summer. The chalk on the sidelines had not been touched, the sidelines were not lined with anxious players getting ready to take the field, the roar of the crowd as each team was announced had not occurred, and the fans left in a state of confusion.

The events of that day taught me value life lessons that I still live with today. For example, all the blessings that God has provided me such as the shelter of a country who has a great military in order to protect my freedom from opposition. These players have no regard for the national anthem which is a symbol of not only are great nation but the men and women who are currently serving in our military and fighting for are freedom are the people who have laid down their life in order to give the United States the freedom.The five branches of the military give up their time with their friends and family, working at an average job, and even their lives to grant the average American citizen freedom. The actions taken by the NFL in is frankly disrespectful to our nation because of the service soldiers have provided for this country allowing the government to allow secular activities such as football. Put yourself in the shoes of a Veteran Titan or Seahawk fan. Can you imagine watching your favorite team dishonor the flag you fought for and gave up your time to provide them? I would feel betrayed and hurt that I have given so much effort and time into something for it to be belittled it would make me question all my hard work.

The current social controversy on the conduct of the NFL players during the contestants of the season is reprehensible because of the downplay of the hard work of the present and former veterans. The message behind this behavior is undermined because of the course of actions that the players took. Racial equality is an important concern in society today. Overall the behavior of the players during the national anthem portion of the contest is proface and if they were looking to make a development in racial equality a different course of action should be taken because the actions that are in effect now are creating more issues and have no effect on any further development of racial equality.


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