Importance of Study in the University Essay Example

There are multiple reasons on why I ended up attending Western Carolina University, however it wasn’t originally my first choice for college. When I first started thinking about college and my life outside of high school, I ended up confused and kind of upset due to the fact I could never figure out what it was that I wanted to do with my life. It wasn’t until my junior year in high school when I took an English class with one of my favorite teachers, that I finally started to figure out that path I wanted to peruse in college. Once I decided what I wanted to major in, History and English, I started looking at colleges with good programs for these majors. My original pick ended up being University of North Carolina at Greensboro; mainly because my English teacher had gone there, and he had told me all about their English programs. Of course, I did my own research as well and had pretty much decided that UNCG was my top pick for college. However, I did still plan to look at and apply to other schools just in case. In the summer before my senior year of high school, my family took a vacation to Wilmington Beach.

I figured since we were there we should go ahead and tour UNC Wilmington because that was one of the other schools I planned to apply to. The campus was nice, but that tour really helped me see that I wouldn’t enjoy going to college near a beach, it just wasn’t something I was a fan of. The same day I toured UNCW I received an email from Western saying that I had been chosen to fill out the chancellor’s choice application. I hadn’t really thought about going to Western, but I figured I might as well apply.

After applying I started doing more research about Western, looking at the different programs they offered, the location and the areas surrounding it, tuition, etc. After doing more research I started to really like the idea of going to Western as well as UNCG, so I decided to talk to my aunt, who I’m very close with, and it turned out she had gone to Western. She told me how much she enjoyed it and suggested that I set up a campus tour to really get a feel for the atmosphere and see how I felt about the campus. A few months later I set up a tour of campus and came up here with my grandparents. It started raining as soon as we got here, but I didn’t mind that much seeing as how I really like the rain, and I was informed that people like to say WCU stands for “we carry umbrellas” which is very fitting. As we explored Western’s beautiful campus that day, I realized just how much I loved being in the mountains and that I really liked the atmosphere here at Western. I felt safe and like I this was a place I could get a good education while also having a lot of fun. I was still on the fence about giving up the idea of going to UNCG, I had been so sure it was where I wanted to go so the idea of changing my plans really had my anxiety flaring up. I started talking to some of my friends about where they were all going, and it turned out that my cousin, Luke, had decided to attend Western and my best friend, Allison, was thinking about it.

This made me excited about the idea of coming to Western because it meant I would be able to room with my best friend instead of a stranger and I would know people up here, which made my anxiety about going to college decrease dramatically. After my anxiety about attending Western decreased, I started to do even more research and found that Western has an amazing fine art program. This made me very happy because I was in drama club in high school and really wanted to continue to perform in college.

I had been in the Bardo Arts Center when I toured Western and was amazed at how nice it was and after I found out more about the fine arts program here I was very excited. Along with drama club, I had also always loved watching my high school marching band so when my cousin Luke, who was in band in high school and here at Western, told me how great the marching band was at Western I was very excited to see the Pride of the Mountains perform.


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