Infant Toddler Observation Essay Example

Most people would think that two-year-olds are the cutest, most sweet little humans ever. I strongly disagree with that. Prior to this experience, I always thought that kids under the age of 6 were the most best-behaved kids ever, however, I never really understood the saying "terrible twos" until last weekend. The terrible twos are a real thing. All of the temper tantrums, defiance, chaotic, and uncalled for behavior is very real. My sister Meagan got married on August 18th. I was her maid of honor and part of my "maid of honor agreement and duties” were when it was time for Meagan and her husband, Micheal, to go on their honeymoon, I would keep his two-year-old daughter, Aleyah. Over that weekend I finally realized that I underestimated the terrible twos. I was excited to be responsible for a whole entire human being for three days, and I didn't think that it would be difficult at all. If I knew then what I know now, I would have never told my sister and her husband that I would keep their terrible toddler.

One thing a bride should keep in mind is to never expect a two-year-old to fully cooperate on a wedding day. During the wedding ceremony, it was time for Aleyah to walk down the aisle. She took two steps and then decided that she did not want to walk anymore. Luckily, I was right behind her trying to guide her. After what felt like 2 hours, but was really 45 seconds, she finally decided to proceed down the aisle. At the reception, I started to realize what I had gotten myself into. Aleyah decided to run around and chase all the other kids with a cup of fruit punch in her hands. Of course, she tripped and the red rose-colored fruit punch got all over her snow-white dress and tore as well.

Why It is not Easy to Take Care of Toddlers

Believe it or not, toddler tantrums in public are more embarrassing than wearing white pants while bloody Mary decides to show up unexpectedly. The next day, I took Aleyah to the fair along with my other niece Faith who is six years old. This is an adventure that I NEVER want to experience again. We walked around the fair, trying to find Kiddyland, I had Faith on my left and Aleyah on my right, both girls held my hands. Faith and I were walking at the same pace, on the other hand, Aleyah was walking behind me and looking behind her. That little girl was walking and moving as slow as a sloth. I kept telling her " Aleyah walk faster and pay attention to what is in front of you!!” Do you think she listened? Of course not. She continued to walk slowly and not pay attention, causing her to accidentally bump into an elderly woman's area where the sun does not shine. I quickly apologized to the lady and made Aleyah walk in front of me as I held onto her shoulder. When we finally got to Kiddyland, we stood in line for the bumblebee ride. The worker told me that Faith could get on by herself, but Aleyah had to ride with an adult. I told the man that it was okay and Aleyah and I would sit this one out, immediately she began to scream and cry. I never experienced anything like that before, all the other parents stared at me, and I know it made me look very bad. All I was able to tell her was to shut her mouth and be quiet. Once again, she refused to listen and then decided to fall to the ground, and she was still screaming and crying. I had decided that it was time for us to leave. Faith went home with her dad and I took Aleyah back to my house.

Just when I thought that the terrible two demons were done taking over my niece, that's when everything got worse. It was bath time, and I never knew that bath time would be so difficult with a child. I turned on the water for the bath and Aleyah started screaming and crying again, just like she did at the fair. I looked at her and I was very confused, all I did was turn the water on. During her screaming and crying, I helped her take her clothes off and put her in the bath. She kicked and screamed the entire time. It was a 30-minute bath because half of the time she fought me trying to get out. I wanted to yell at her but I chose not to, I began to think " What if something traumatic happened in her early childhood, causing her to be scared of baths and or water?” After the bath, Aleyah and I watched Trolls, I laid on the couch and she laid the floor. I looked up from my phone and she had her feet on my dad's guitar. I knew if he saw that, he would have lost his mind. I told her to get her feet off of the guitar and move away from it. I looked back at Aleyah, who decided to take it all the way and kicked my dad's guitar about 3 times. I picked her up and put her in my bed because by that time I was frustrated, and it was time for her to go to bed. After I laid her down, she began the Tasmanian devil tantrum again, I covered her up and left my room immediately.

That weekend, not only did I realize that two-year-olds are a big job to handle and that I will probably never be willing to babysit Aleyah again, but I also contemplated getting my tubes tied over ten times. I do not know if she decided to act out because she missed her parents, but either way, I am not going to babysit her or any other child under the age of five. If I knew then what I know now, I would have never told my sister and her husband that I would keep their terrible toddler.


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