Lord of the Flies Essay Example

Lord of the Flies Is a great and interesting novel that has many of meaning and little hints throughout the book, hinting at later events. Almost 100 percent of the schools in us you hear they have watched the movie Lord of the Flies or read the book, this alone says why it's a great novel many of teachers all across the US teach this, for its underlying meaning and ho the story is told.

Who is the Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies, Is one of the most assigned books in history, it's been assigned for so long that maybe even your parents were made to read it in their English class. It's not just for students it's a mature novel where there is a deep underlying meaning, not just kids stuck on an island. It shows how when they first get on the island they made a leader and a government, which later on fails and when government and civilization fails factions and war among the children. Even forced to killing, and torturing others. Golding shows human nature and how much its evolved in the young that when they crash the first thing they do is make it to what they're used to and make what's similar like, government, civilisation, a leader and so on, but how it can get derived from us so easy and war and back to the old days where other people are war and its easy to kill without guilt and sympathy.

Golding wrote this in the intent of showing that all people, not just people who did horrible crimes but all humanity can be chipped away and bring out the worst of humans and what they can do. not even the purest children, it had to happen they were on the island for months, they had small disputes but over time small dislikes turned into hunting each other. This is prominent in real life such as many of world wars or wars, like world war 2, Germans went from a normal country to everyday 9 to 5 workers to being Nazi soldiers or even being hunted, soldiers thought of Jewish people as less human and treated them with no sympathy, and beat, killed, and raped them mind that they were just normal people like me and your walking down the street that is now killing others just because of their religion and weakness. This is shown in the novel too where Jack and his group are clearly superior in Strength and skill then Ralph and Piggy. So Jack takes that opportunity to overthrow Ralph and create his own tribe that kills for fun and capture and tortures Wilfred. Then kills Simmon thinking he’s the “Beast” and then kills Piggy for no reason.

What is the Beast in Lord of the Flies

This is why this novel is so good Golding shows an underlying meaning behind it that's true in so many ways and is shown in real life, in big events in history. This novel can be read by adults of teens there is no age limit to this book it can be just a book about a couple of boys that crashed on an island and survival but have to do what they have to do to survive. But it can also have a deeper meaning that you as the reader can think about and realize it's not just about the book it's in all of us. I bet if you place 30 people on an island kids or adults something similar or the same will happen they will eventually collapse and go back to early human lives where anything from an animal to the other human is a treat.

People say that the book portrays adult level violence and plotlines that should not be taught to kids such as “Lord of the Flies," a 1954 novel by William Golding, has been banned from schools over the years and has also often been challenged. According to the American Library Association, it is the eighth-most frequently banned and challenged book in the nation. Parents, school administrators and other critics have decried the language and violence in the novel.” But the violence isn't even that bad and the plotline shows what use humans can become we shouldn't shield youth from that, everyone should have an understanding that what might and can happen. Without knowing an issue we can't fix it so why wait or something to happen for them to find out and it is too late to fix and or prevent it.

In conclusion, this book is one of the best novels that should always be taught to the student any age anywhere to make them as the reader thinks about their life and others and how humanity can be taken away so easily. and knowing that even some schools are banning and taking it way is not ok because we should not be shielding the youth from bad things and potential things that might happen. Overall it's a great book that's not just interesting that makes you think and has many of little hints that you can connect throughout the book and foreshadowing that makes you think I something might play in later in the novel.



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