Can Athletes Teach Kids Important Things? A Professional Sport Essay

The odds of Brazil winning the 1958 FIFA World Cup was nowhere close to the odds of Sweden winning. No outside team had ever won a Cup on European soil. Brazil had never won a World Cup and their “star” player was a 17 year - old African boy, who did not get any respect for being African. How would Brazil ever pull it off and win the 1958 World Cup? They fought through all the hate, disrespect, and discouragement and ended up winning. Growing up, children need someone to look up to so they can follow this great person and become a great person themselves. Professional sports players can be incredible role models for children. These players teach children to help the less fortunate. Kids learn to never be afraid of standing alone. Professional athletes show children that if they work hard, they can achieve anything. Kids can look up to sports players as examples of personal achievement.

Professional athletes teach kids very important lessons. Children learn to donate and help the less fortunate. Those who aspire to be like these sports players see that no matter how rich or famous these players get, they do their part and help those in need. The children who want to be like them learn to donate and always give. Many famous sports players like Victor Moses did not get support from those around them, but still persisted and are now where they are today because of their perseverance. These athletes show children that if no one stands beside them, they should not be afraid and should continue to work hard. Kids also learn if they put in the work they can overcome any shortcomings and accomplish anything. Many players do not fit the idea of the “ideal” sports person, but they had not given up on their dreams and are now accomplishing their goals. Isaiah Thomas of the Los Angeles Lakers is only 5'9, much too short for a basketball player, but he kept playing and working and now Thomas is currently one of the best players in the NBA. Professional sports players teach children valuable lessons, making them wonderful roles models.

Some might argue that sportsmen can get away with any crime they commit. This sets a bad example and shows kids that they can do anything they want without getting in trouble. However, this is the fault of the judicial system. They should be treating all people equally, no matter their status. Whether a person is a star athlete or the man next door, all should be required to abide by the laws of our country.

Children can become great people if they look up to professional sports players. They teach kids that everyone has a responsibility to help those in need. Children learn that even if no one supports them they should continue to work. Professional athletes show kids that if they put in the time and the work, they can achieve anything. Those who argue that sports players do not set good examples for children do not value their positive contribution to society. Professional sports players can be one of the best role models for kids.


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