Romeo and Juliet Essay Example

A play named Romeo and Juliet, written in 1597 by William Shakespeare to entertain eager audiences who just wanted to watch a good play, yet what they didn’t know was that it would be acknowledged as one of the greatest plays ever written. The story of two young teenagers who fall in love by chance and are put to rest by fate platformed the creation of many prolific playwrights to come after. Various themes present themselves in different parts of the story that make you wonder what the main argument is. Many students all over the world are persuaded to read this story yet some don’t understand why. This story is essential to read because it displays the idea of love overcoming hate, how society shouldn’t scare you into changing your mind, and why emotions can get the best of you.

Multiple times in the story hate represents itself as a major way of keeping Romeo and Juliet apart, yet love always brings them back together. Love overcomes the fear of hatred between the Capulets and Montagues when the two disregard what they have been taught and fall deeply for each other. The worry of society was never on their mind while danger was lingering behind them as they fought for love and this shows that just because you think everyone will judge you because of something, you should never let go of what means the most to you. The only people really rooting for them were the Nurse and Friar Lawrence but nobody else was fond of the idea of them together. Their emotions made them risk it all for the person who made them the happiest.

This story really made me realize how far people will go for love. I enjoyed reading this in 9th grade because it was the perfect introduction to Shakespeare’s way of writing, yet it wasn't too hard to comprehend.The truth of love overcoming hate, society scaring you into doing things you may not want to do, and how emotion can conquer everything else is why people should look into this story. Keeping the idea of giving your life for someone you love throughout the story helped me understand why Romeo and Juliet pushed away what they were being told to do and listened to their heart. Verona was a bustling city and longed for a good thriller and Shakespeare made it happen. I’m seriously excited to see what other amazing stories this amazing author has in store for me.


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