The American Winter Analysis Essay On Poverty In America.

The "American Winter" Analysis In the documentary "American Winter", a video based on peoples live in Oregon, Portland expresses the social problems that exist in individuals lives that also includes poverty. One family that faces social problems throughout the documentary was a single father John and his son Geral. The social problems that John and Geral face besides poverty are unemployment and single parenting. Unemployment has become a social issue for this family due to John losing his job. Since John lost his job he can no longer afford his living expense for his small family. Since being laid off, John can no longer afford his housing payments, and now his home is in foreclosure. John and Geral are just one step away from becoming homeless when their home is auctioned off due to foreclosure. Single parenting is another social issue that this family faces. Single parenting is a social issue because there is no one else besides John being the main caregiver to Geral whom suffers from down syndrome. Down syndrome is a disability, and most of the time individuals with down syndrome need a lot of support that includes financial, physical, mental support. It definitely is a challenge for John because he is missing the other half financial support, physical support that he may need to care for Geral and also the mental support to cope with stressful situations like the one he is currently in. John and Geral's human rights are being violated economically. Their human rights are being violated economically because the unemployment crisis which was the reason their home is currently in foreclosure. The way how unemployment occurred for John is unfair since he was laid off due to the economic crisis during that time period. John being laid off led him to loss of income for him and his son. Due to loss of income John can no longer afford his home anymore. Unfortunately, their rights were violated economically because of the economic crisis led to John being laid off. John and Geral are victims of the economic system.

They are victims because they are losing their home because lost his job. An individual who is laid off usually receives unemployment benefits, however that does not guarantee that the amount of the benefits will be enough financial support nor will the time period of the benefits. John could not find a job and it is taking him a lot of time for him to find one. Also, the benefits he probably received was most likely not enough to cover his living expenses. This is why John and Geral are victims of the system. The social welfare policy or program that could address John and Geral's circumstance is Social Security. Social Security is a great social policy or program for John and Geral because Geral suffers from a disability, which is down syndrome. Since John is Geral's main caregiver l it would make sense for both them to receive social security benefits. Social security is mainly for individuals who suffer from disabilities and also for individuals who pay tax from their payroll. Therefore, since John most likely had been taxed and had money taken out from his paycheck, and since Geral suffers from a disability it would be beneficial for them to receive social security benefits.

A particular policy that should be looked at and that is recommend for this family is the Contributions of Business and Voluntary Sector Housing. Although this policy is mainly for developers to have low income housing for tenants, it should be expanded differently for John and Geral. Instead of developers developing or renting a unit or an apartment for Geral and John they should buy John and Geral's house and have John pay rent that he can afford.

The reason that this should be expanded for John and Geral because life will be harder for Geral, and the only reason that John to keep his current home is because it makes Geral happy. This policy should be expanded for this family because the economic crisis has caused them to be in this situation. This will be beneficial for this family because they will not have to leave their home and they will be able to afford it once John gets back on his feet. If this family were my clients my primary focus is to help John to find a job. John finding a job will be the primary focus because it will help him get back on his feet and afford his living expenses like he used. Yeah, his house is still going to be in foreclosure but him getting a job is very important, so he can have financial support for him and his son. This is important especially for the circumstance that they are in. This approach will definitely be beneficial for this family because they will have their financial support for their small family. Therefore, the primary focus of helping John to find a job will be the most ideal focus to solve the current social issues that he is facing."American Winter" is a really great documentary that shows how poverty affects the lives of people. Unfortunately, life is tough for families that live in similar circumstances of the families that are demonstrated in the documentary. To make a difference and solve the social issue that America faces there is a need to make changes in the Social Welfare policy and programs to make American's life better.


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