The Best Personal Qualities Essay Example

What are qualities? Qualities are a distinctive attribute or characteristic possessed by someone or something. Everyone in the world have qualities, but some people have better qualities then others. For example, I might be a patient person which is an example of a better quality than someone that is impatient. Isaac Bashevis Singer was the author of the autobiography named A Day of Pleasure. Isaac, as described in his autobiography, owned the three following qualities: curiosity, dedication, and determination. He was in a stage of poverty, barely getting food which made him determined to learn to stop that poverty. As a reader, I admire these qualities because they are qualities that describe an intelligent person. These three qualities have inspired me to add them to my life too.

Isaac had three qualities that I admire the most. The first quality that Isaac showed in his autobiography was curiosity. He constantly asked questions, and he loved to listen to conversations without even speaking. The text states, “My mother turned white. I don’t want the boy to hear of such going on. What can he understand? The neighbor said. But I listened anyway. My curiosity has no limits” (21). I admired the quote because it showed that he was intrigued about the conversation at such a young age. The quote is important because listening to how other people spoke, he was able to process ideas molding him into a better writer. Another quality I admire is his dedication, specifically towards his religion. He contributed to all holidays and traditions of his Jewish religion, read lots of religious books, and he prayed at least twice a day. In Isaac Singer’s A Day of Pleasure, Isaac states, “God in heaven, if I could only ride like this for a thousand years, by day and by night, without stop, to the ends of the Earth” (29). I admire this quality because it displays that he prayed, meaning that he cared for his religion. Finally, Isaac was determined to learn. Isaac states “A part of my brain that sealed seemed to be opening. I now experienced the profound joy of learning” (94).I admire this quote because he started off not liking to learn because he thought it was worthless, but throughout time he enhanced himself mentally and physically to be determined learner.

Although there are lots of qualities that Isaac Singer expresses, there are three that are the most important to me; curiosity, dedication, and determination. He expresses these traits throughout the whole autobiography. For example, he was dedicated to his religion by listening to the rules of the religion and putting effort into how he did it. This shaped how he was as a person and showed he cared and loved family, places, and items. An item he cared for was his bible, he read regularly. Being curious, dedicated, and determined is an important part of a writer or novelist. In conclusion, Isaac qualities are what shaped him to become a writer, which was uncommon in his generation.


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