The Character Analysis Essay Example

The character that I have choose is lynn Cinder from the Lunar Cronicals series. Lynn Cinder goes through many of the common stages of the hero's journey, like the call to adventure as she finds out through a private communication link that Prince Kai of the eastern commonwealth will be murdered by his soon to be bride, the lunar queen. This marriage had been intended to settle peace between the two countries. But as Cinder finds out about the lunar queen's plan, she hesitates to go to the celebration before the wedding.

This is the second stage as Cinder refuses the call to action, afraid at the possible consequences if she goes to the celebration. And also wondering how she would be able to talk to the Prince alone so that she can warn him. However her hesitation is only temporary as she accepts the call to action and finally goes to warn prince Kai.

This even follows into the third stage as after Cinder warns Kai, she gets thrown into prison. And in order to continue the story she escapes this prison. But once she escapes, Cinder realises that she is not able to go home, but must instead go on the run and escape the country. So during her escape out of prison, she picks up another prisoner who just happens to own- or well- of stolen a spaceship from the military. Cinder and this criminal then escape using this spaceship and as they fly away, Cinder leaves the only home that she ever knew about( the eastern commonwealth) and continues her adventures on the run and on over throwing the current lunar queen.( because she is actually the long lost, supposedly dead, daughter of the monarchy and is supposed to be the one on the throne.)

The next stage and likely the most exciting one is the "Black moment" or when we think that the hero might be defeated. For lynn Cinder this moment was when she was captured by the lunar queen, moments before she was supposed to lead her revolution to the queen's castle. And this Black moment continues as Cinder is lead out into the celebration for the prince Kai's and the lunar queen's wedding. She is then supposed to be the "entainment' as the queen has several guards try to dismember Cinder.

The last stage is the return as Cinder claims the newly dead queen's throne as her own. Instead of everything going back to complete normal, Cinder is now the queen of luna( the moon). But for her, that is probably the most "normal" Cinder can get. She no longer has to constantly hide like an outlaw, or plan how to overthrow the queen, or constantly fear for her life. Now she can kinda relax and work to fix the many problems that the last queen of luna left behind, with advisors and time to think.


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