The Chick Fil A Evaluation Essay Example

Evaluation, what is it? Do we evaluate everything? Evaluation is a judgement that all humans do on a daily basis. Humans can evaluate without thinking about it we do it every morning when we wake up, because we evaluate how we feel. When people know they feel good they just go about their day. Even when we got to restaurants like Chick fil A we evaluate the building before we walk in the door. Chick fil A is one of the best restaurants near my school because of the thing they provide; they give their customers great customer service, high quality food, opportunities, and cleanliness of the restaurant.

Chick fil A is one of the best restaurants near the school because they treat the everybody like family. This is one of the number one thing to running a business is to treat everyone like family. They make sure every customer feels like they’re home and welcome. Most restaurants don’t provide good customer service like that. They have respect for all no matter what the age it. They’re the only restaurant that care for kids they have provided a little play room for kids so that parents can have some alone time with no worries at all. All their employees always polite and have a smile on their faces like they want to be there, and they are excited to be at work. Chick fil A is very consistent they are always coming back to the table to see if anyone needs anything like a refill drink or if their food was cold they will remake it without making a mean face or complaining. Overall Chick fil A has the best customer service that anyone has ever seen.

Chick fil A has the best tasting food in the area its not to greasy, it doesn’t contain a whole lot of fat, and it’s all organic. All the other restaurants offer most of the same item like a hamburger, fried chicken. Chick -fila- A has a fresh and simple secret recipe offer a lot for their costumers so we all keep going back for more. The A in Chick fil A stands for the A graded boneless chicken they serve. There chicken is fresh and its never frozen that give them a huge advantage against other restaurants. The waffle fries are awesome at Chick fil A. They have a golden-brown crisp and sprinkled with sea salt its served with almost every meal at Chick fil A. Their fries are the best no one can compete with them. They get their potatoes from family own farms and they are also organic. At Chick fil A most, people can maintain a healthy diet by substituting the fires with a salad or a fruit cup, and Chick fil A doesn’t serve concentrated lemonade they have workers that freshly squeeze the lemons. The lemonade is another thing that’s the best because it evenly distributed there is not too much water, sugar, or lemon. Everything at this restaurant is like I said organic and that just makes it even better than any other restaurant that is near my school. There is no better Taste than an organic meal because there are no added antibodies or preservatives that changes the taste anything that is served at this restaurant.

Cleanliness of a restaurant is the best most important thing because no one wants to eat at a dirty restaurant that has food everywhere. Their employees maintain a clean a safe environment for people to eat and enjoy themselves while feeling like at home. The cleanliness Provides a comfortable environment for all customers. When walking into chick fil A everything looks clean and It feels clean. That's the type of environment that people want to eat in. Some restaurants in the area does provide cleanliness, but the environment inside of the restaurant smells greasy and most people would don't like that. When walking into a Chick fil A restaurant it doesn't smell greasy it's a cool environment with a fresh food smell. They also have a sink in the front so that customers can see that their employees wash their hands every time they go back to the cooking area where the food is being prepared or being served.

There is my evaluation chick fil A not because it's the best restaurant in the area but because the things that they provide and how they care for their customers opinion of them. I never seen A restaurant that care so much about their customer service are the customer. That is hard to find when going to a fast food restaurant most fast food restaurant has mean people.


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