The Endangered Species Essay Exampl

Having a species die out every 60 seconds is a horrible thing, for it puts humanity and life itself at stake. We need to take a stand and help save these creatures before it’s too late. These helpless creatures deserve to live, not only that but we need them to keep our planet it’s self alive and thriving. This ‘Every 60 seconds a species dies out’ ad uses the visual techniques of appeal to shock, lighting and colouring and also the camera angle extremely well. These techniques help get the message this ad is trying to say across to the audiences in a powerful way. Hi my name is Sarah Bauman and I am a teenage consultant for, a website that is dedicated to improving young peoples understanding of advertising.

The appeal to shock that is used in this ad is very effective. The way this ad shows that every 60 seconds a new specie dies out, is by displaying a leopard seal being crushed by a clock. This symbolizes that time is running out for this species and others. The impact of the use of appeal to shock this ad has on the audience is realization that thing have gotten so bad lately and that we are not only killing a few animals but entire species. Thus the appeal to shock that is used in this ad is very effective.

The use of lighting and colouring was appropriate for this ad. The way the lighting is dark in some places and casts shadows in others, not to mention the way the black, grays and dull reds were use, helps set the mood for the audience. The impact that this technique has on the audience is guilt and sadness for the poor animals that are dying out every 60 seconds, which also makes the audience feel sorry for these animals for it’s mainly our fault that so many are going extinct. Therefore the use of the lighting and colouring was appropriate for this ad as it makes the audience feel for the animals that are dying.

The camera angle that is used for this ad is quite dawning. Having a low camera angle for this ad helps show the audience that the leopard seal is vulnerable and in extreme pain. The way the low angle shows how the clock is crashing the poor animal while also showing it’s silent scream help get the message across to the audience. The impact this technique has on the audience is understand of the pain that the creature is going though and the realization of just how vulnerable animals can be. In conclusion the camera angle of this ad is dawning.

These techniques are used extremely well in this ad, because they help the audience realize how bad things have gotten, how vulnerable animals can be, helps to understand the pain they’re go through and makes us feel guilty that we have caused this. These techniques are appeal to shock, lighting and colouring, and also camera angle. Once again I’m a teenage consultant for, and Thank you for your time and have a great day.


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