The hardship of immigrants

I was born in Nepal and at the age of 11, my family and I immigrated to the United States with the ambition of opportunities and freedom. My childhood perspective guides me to acknowledge, nothing should be taken for granted. What is being an immigrant, taught me, hardship is required consistent while overcoming difficulty in life which leads to success. Something that endlessly sticks around all this year is that identity as an immigrant, and willingness to sacrifice everything in order to achieve my dream.

Nothing is given to you, make the most of what life has to offer. Beginning of the year in the United States, everything was difficult, bonding with friends, learning the language, and experience teased for speaking with a strong accent. I was optimistic that everything will be paid off, If I keep being enthusiastic to demonstrate the grit of persevering. Furthermore, nobody desires to be my friend, based on my appearance and disgust to be around with me, in fear of receiving same hatred as me. I created the plans to improve my English, which was to read books for an hour everyday. I desired to get treated with equality and attempt to talk to Americans after a week of reading, however it didn’t paid off. I was determined to earn same respect, and pride as Americans do, and prove the doubters wrong. Consequently, readings for years, I had the power to decide how people going to treat me because I had bonded with my people and teachers. Obstacle I faced was that, I got discouraged by my standardized testing because my scores were low. I had a hard time reading and comprehending the English language because it was not my first language. I was hurt knowing that a language barrier was the reason why I was not doing good in school. I had failed an abundance amount of times and overcame obstacles to get where I am today. I worked hard and made new American friends, who now help me when I am struggling. After a few years of learning, practicing, and going to summer school, I improved on English drastically. I noticed that I have been improving which keeps me motivated to keep on practicing and studying. It makes me want to continue school. Everything is possible, if you are willing to go beyond your limits and believe in yourself.

Every immigrant faces difficulties while adapting to a new culture. My parents had to sacrifice their sleeps to sustain financially and basic needs for family. They faced language barriers, and couldn’t start a conversation with Americans. They had to work two jobs, mostly get unemployed from many companies. Even though they struggled financially, they always made sure that there was a roof over my head and food on the table for me and my siblings. They faced many isolation and racism in the United States, however never back down to support their child's.They never took anything for granted, and advise me to always be prepared because no one knows what life will bring. I erudite to appreciate, what I have because many people out there, who are struggling for basic needs. I also acquired to treat people with compassion because that’s how most people treated my parents when they were facing obstacles. I will always be in their debt, and I will do something that will make them proud of me and ensuring their sacrifices were never in vain. People need to express their feelings and stand up, even if the world is against them in order to reach your destination.

Immigrant mentions, Americans dream is not what they anticipate. The opportunity you desire is challenging to achieve, it requires you to undergo to put effort and devote yourself entirely to it. I have worked so hard to ensure I have everything I need to succeed in my life. Influence from many hard workers, made me realized, us a commoner immigrant in the United States, can aim for greater opportunities. Immigrant should always be optimistic, have faith that leads to achievement, and always willing to sacrifice something to obtain something.


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