The Teen Pregnancy Essay Example

Sexual education courses have always been a topic of debate. There are questions on whether or not they should be teaching them at all. Although sex ed classes do increase the talk of sexual activity in teenagers, they are very necessary and do not promote premarital sex among teenagers. In fact, most sexual education courses primarily teach abstinence and there is a lot of teaching regarding STDS and pregnancy. Teachers do a lot to explain the dangers of sexual activity. Therefore, the majority of the class is spent discouraging premarital sex. However, many argue that the distribution of condoms and the instruction of how to use them largely promotes premarital sex. This is not the case. The courses often do all they can to discourage premarital sex, but that does not mean that every teenager will still choose abstinence. For those that do not make that choice it is only ethical and safe that they are also instructed on how to have safe sex. It is never guaranteed that students have a source of instructions on safe sex, therefore it should continue to be taught at schools, as well as abstinence in order to avoid teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases or infections.

Teenagers feel peer pressured in certain situations. If their friends are having sex, then they are most likely going to as well. As stated in the article, "For example, one such study found that contraceptive education increased the odds of 14-year-olds starting intercourse by 50 percent." (Kasun) this is right around the age where teenagers are willing to do anything. In younger ages this is how you fit in and seems to be the only way. Because if you aren't doing what other teenagers are doing then they will not want to be friends with you. Also, teenagers might talk to someone older and if that person is older they may be more experienced and convenience the other person it's okay and safe. If that person likes them then they are most likely going to do it to make sure this person will still like them. However, if teens are informed on sex in school then they will have more of an idea how to practice safe sex if they give into peer pressure. Yes, practicing safe sex still causes risks of getting pregnant but having knowledge on safe sex lowers the risk of teen pregnancy.

The Role of Parents in Sexual Education

Parents that are absent in a teenager's life often leads to careless teens. Not having the same sex parent can lead to a teenager being unaware. For instance, if the mom is absent and the dad raises his daughter then he may not explain to her as well as a mother would about sex. The father may also be too strict on his daughter leading her to act out and not care what he says. According to Smith, "Eighty-four percent of parents think schools should offer moral guidance to their students, but teachers are reluctant to offer this service" (Smith). Having sex talks in school will allow the teenager to get a female's perspective on the issue or sex in general. This also allows teenagers to be informed about risks of having sex. As stated by the health and human services "In addition, having lived with both biological parents at age 14 is associated with a lower risk of a teen birth" (qtd. In "Trends in Teen Pregnancy and Childbearing"). However, teenager's parents might have taught them differently or get upset their child is learning this in high school, but one can never be too sure or safe when it comes to sex.

Why Teens Become Pregnant

Teens also can become pregnant due to just the lack of knowledge on sex. If teens only watch tv shows, their friends, or movies then they aren't actually learning the fundamentals of sex and all the responsibility that comes with it. However, teenagers are going to be curious and according to Rose, " Eighty-two percent of adolescents ages 15-17 and 75 percent of young people ages 18-24 want more information on "how to protect yourself from HIV/AIDS and other STDs," "the different types of birth control that are available," and "how to bring up sexual health issues such as STDs and birth control with a partner." (Rose) this is how many teenagers are already asking questions about sex which could be received through an abstinence class. Sex can lead to pregnancy, infections, and diseases. If teenagers aren't informed on the diseases or infections, it could end up terrible for them. Not only is it bad for them it will then be passed on to everyone they have sex with and the people they have sex with. Causing the risk of catching a disease more likely. However, some people may not know they have a disease or infection because they show no symptoms, but if they have knowledge about sex they would know to use condoms and get checkups regularly.

Teenagers are always going to be curious and open minded to new ideas. However, if teenagers are informed in school on this topic it raises awareness on all issues regarding sexual intercourse. Also, if something bad happens to a teenager for instance something they did not want to happen to them then they have an idea of how to handle the situation and get help. Explaining the percentage of getting pregnant while having sexual intercourse will scare most teenagers. It will allow them to process that if they practice premarital sex there is a chance they could end up pregnant. Nevertheless, some teenagers will still do it but some will listen. Teaching this in school will have regulations and may raise concern with parents; however, there is no way of telling whose parents actually ask kids what they learned at school. Having uninvolved parents in a teenager's life is very confusing because they have no one to go to and may have questions that never get answered. Also, in middle school teenagers go through puberty which is a very rough time for teenagers because the body is changing rapidly. For instance, teenagers are at school for almost 8 hours of their day with these teachers, so if teachers build relationships with students it allows the student to feel comfortable and understand their body.


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