What is beauty essay example

When will society stop forcing women to become “cosmetically retouched and digitally manipulated” (Lipkin 603) just to be viewed as beautiful? The article written by Elline Lipkin, Girls’ bodies, Girls’ Selves; Body Image, Identity, and Sexuality, informs the reader about the effects of sexualized content and beauty standards within America. The author includes evidence from various sources, such as Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty” (603), as well as studies from the “National Alliance on Mental Illness” (602), to form her argument. Combined with the uses of logos and ethos, Lipkin’s article is both reliable and informative to all readers.

Evidence is key to making a powerful article. Without anything backing up an author's statement, readers can not be certain that their information is reliable. In Lipkin’s paper, she used Dove’s Real Beauty campaign to enhance her claim on body shaming, making an impact by showcasing contradicting themes used in advertisements. She stated that “one of the original ads for the Dove’s Real Beauty campaign was for a cellulite-firming cream”, forcing her to raise questions about the product. As most readers may know, cellulite is a common skin condition caused by aging and genetics. Why would a campaign titled “real beauty” want to demolish something that’s real, and fails to make someone less beautiful? Lipkin targets this in paper, introducing the reader to the disconnect between images and products in modern advertisements.

Incorporating scientific research into an article can make it appear much more logical and informing, which is one of the tactics that Lipkin uses. She skillfully places in information about mental illnesses, and how they are affected by society’s expectations of women. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) states that “younger women are particularly vulnerable to eating disorders,” because they “go on strict diets to achieve an ‘ideal’ figure”. These types of facts showcase examples of both ethos and logos. The title of the organization gives credibility to the following statement, which later shows logos by using logical explanations. Lipkin is typically found using these creditable and logical tactics, allowing her readers to feel more connected with their author and informed about the topic they’re reading.

The constant struggle of beauty standards are documented more than just within advertisements. As Lipkin writes about women facing society, readers can also draw connections from their own experiences and relate it to her argument. American singer-songwriter, Molly Kate Kestner, reveals her own take on beauty standards in daily life. In 2017, she released her song Prom Queen to the public. This song documents how women are expected to be presentable at all times, as one of the lyrics states that “the makeup's stronger, gotta wear it longer, just to keep a man around”. Younger women, mainly those who are in highschool, can easily relate to this, as they wish to be the ideal women that all the men want for themselves. In the music video, the actual scenes of the prom queen are much more darker and dull, hinting at the struggles and inner hatred that women put themselves through as they stare into the nearby mirror. In art, scenes that are less saturated typically leave the consumer feeling a bit sad, or affected in negative ways from the topic at hand. Pathos strategies like this fit into Lipkin’s argument, highlighting the emotional tull that the reader may feel when taking in her points against women’s expectations in society.

Lipkin’s article is impactful and leaves the reader feeling much more informed about women’s problems. Her studies are relevant too, simply because the issues of women’s bodies in society are still present today, no matter where in the world the reader may be. Perhaps, we will see more of her work with the experiences she gains when viewing advertisements and other sources against women’s acceptance.. Her paper is a thoughtful criticism of the world we live in, and would be recommended for anyone to read.


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