What Is Happiness Essay Example

Being happy usually occurs when someone frequently experiences positive emotions. To me being happy is a choice and also your surroundings have a big role on how you feel, but being happy is a choice. For instance if you are bothered by your surroundings such as living in poverty i feel that you have the choice to be able to try and change for the better and focus on important things such as work and school to better your life so that you can live a successful life and not have to deal with many things. Thats where having the right mindset would help a lot because you will push yourself and try to make the best choices in life that will be better for your life.

When it comes to the being depressed over living in poverty i honestly think that shouldn't bother you and cause you to have a bad day and not be happy anyone can be happy. Yes, you might be “poor” but when it comes to life, life can be hard and you have to always push through and try your best to ignore all the negativity around you and ry to appreciate the little things that life has to offer. That is why surroundings shouldn't bother you but should motivate you it's not like you're going to stay in the same spot for the rest of your life if you want to move up you will do whatever it takes to reach that goal and make the surroundings around you better for your future.

Nevertheless that's why the choices you make can really determine whether you are happy or not so if you choose to put yourself into situations that may cause you to not be happy you should try to find ways to be more happy. Such as surrounding yourself with loved ones or maybe even taking a stroll at the park thinking about life and all the good that has happened to you and forget the negative because negativity can only get you so far in life. You want to try and live a good life not a stressful one that you're gonna look back at and regret not appreciating the good and the happy memories you've created.

Coming back to being happy. Yes i do think that being happy is a choice and that it is one that should be taken more serious because ive seen alot of loved ones get hurt and not care about many things and just let negativity and anger and depression take over there life but i try to tell them that life moves on and that you should really focus on being happy because only you have that power to make yourself happy.


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