What Is Personal Peace Essay Example

Peace is an idea that most men strive for. For it is something that we want. An idea that is stuck at the frontal lobe of the brain that covers the thing that people really want; a way to break out of their boredom and have a generic “bright” idea that would make them feel good about themselves. Now there are several main ways to achieve this peace that everybody wants, either through complete monitoring authoritarian rule governed by a strict government, or through the magical process of changing their minds and protesting; which in terms is a very silly idea because not everyone will listen to you.

No, you want absolute world peace. One where everyone can live in harmony and isn't threaten by those who are willing to go against you in any way you want. Where hunger never strike in any countries that poor…, no in this world peace of yours' the concept of poor never existed, no one is bind by their social class. Where everyone is treated as an equal and no one is mistreated as an outsider or a second or third-class citizen. Racism, terror, inequality, sexism, just to name a few, never existed. For this world peace that you and, everyone else you think strived for, is the utopia of all that is believed to be good in our hearts.

The peace that you strived for is one that is rigorous to achieve. However, once it is done, all of history and mankind will know and celebrate your name and praise you for being the one that save this cold heartless world from its disorder. For the first step is that you must drown out all the disbelief from your head. This is the peace that is needed for this world. It must be obtained, and it must be achieved no matter the cost. Focus on your goals, look pass those that have doubted you and move forward ahead.

The next step, the hardest, is for you to gain power. In this greedy society, people wants what's 0good for them, they want something that can benefit them. However, like you and everyone around you, they always want to do what they think is right for the world. And this is the power of what you should use for them. Your voice must be heard, it must inspire them to take up arms and support your cause. The inspiring young will heed to your call more than that of the stubbornness of those who lived generations passed. Rally then across the streets, call out for their names, and cast away the voices of those who impose you.

Then, after you gain a considerable amount of power, you must rebel. Against those who voiced against you. Against those who have threaten your ideas and social way of life. Their voices must be silence, so yours' can grow louder, and louder it must be. This is for your world peace that you've and all of those you consider for. This revolution must end in your victory and yours' alone. No one else can win, and no one else can attained this power that you've earned through your sweat and blood. Your efforts will not dry out in veins, but your work has just started.

After you have sought victory over your revolution, you must rule what you have liberated. Without a strong head and control, the very idea of peace will be in split into convolution. You don't want that, you want everyone's idea of true peace to be the same, and the most powerful way is through education. You as the commanding head of your new nation. Embed the idea of what true peace is and what true peace means to you into the minds of the next and future generations. This is what you dream for, someone important, someone wise, and of course, someone who is right.

Your dream is now everyone's dream, but the next step is a kind warning, so you cannot folly; you must also be careful. Not everyone shares this idea, those who question your dreams must be silence. What is more important to you? Your dreams that you have work so hard for, and give up so much to achieve, or someone's ignorant, to voice themselves around you and your belief; no, silence their voices before it can ever be heard.

Your people must follow your teachings, it must be on their minds with every passing second. So, must keep your eyes on them. Your people are human and, so they will act like how humans. So, watch them, watch their every move, watch what they are and who they'll be. They are not perfect for that is their sin, but with you, the leader that they love so much, you will have shaped them into the perfect living things as of what they should be. They're yours to command and yours to obey. If they falter in any ways, they should not be allowed to walk another day.

As you near the end of your days, you should rejoice at what you have created. A perfect utopia for all and all. No one has suffered, no one has anything negative to say. But aren't you a wise man? You should have seen this from all before, but once you're gone, they will revert to what they used to be. Tribal, arrogance, and above all war-torn, it will be like it was once before. So, in the end, will your struggle be in veins? No, it shouldn't be but to erase the problem is to erase it from the source. So, you must make your choice as when your time come to an end, will also be the end of man. And when that happens, all will be in tranquility; No oppression, no racism, no sexism. Nothing will be the cause of any of it.

For when you reach your final days, you must end the lives of all. So, you must, dictator, take on all of your responsibility and make it to where no one suffer. So, you must, oppressor, control your people's hope, because you are the one who holds their peace. And you must, listen to me tyrant, that for you are the one who do not listen; but you must know that you are the loyal fool, who only listen to your thoughts of peace.


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