Why Do People Change Their Mind Essay Example

We as people will always change our mind and how we think. It's not possible to say why people change their minds, because everybody has a different and they want to believe in what they want to. Nor everyone in the world is going to have the same opinion on one certain thing. But, there can be things that people do to persuade people to believe in a certain that they didn't before.

Lost of people talk about the Geocentric view, and what it was. "Most people thought the Earth was the center of the universe". (Text 01: The Geocentric View) Everybody believed this statement for over a thousand years, because nobody really knew about the universe back then. They thought that the Earth was still, and that it wasn't on a axis. One of the main people that came up with the Geocentric view was Ptolemy. He wrote a book about how the Earth is the center of the universe, and that everything revolves around it. As time went on, and people gained more knowledge about the universe the idea of the Earth being in the middle of the universe was starting to become wrong.

After Galileo had made his discovery of the moon of Jupiter. He had saw many things, such as he thought moons were fixed stars. (Text 07: Galileo Discovers the Moons of Jupiter) Throughout the days went along he was looking at Jupiter, and saw those "stars" next to the planet. Galileo would check every day on where the stars were at around Jupiter. On one day, the moons would be next to the moon, and sometimes it would not. Everyday it was a different pattern of how they would line up, or how they would be. The claim tester for this is Evidence, because in his records Galileo recording how the Moons where at different places at different times.

The Roman church was a very big power house, before Galileo and Copernicus made all of their discoveries. Galileo and Copernicus were scared to release their findings, because it went against the bible (Text 08: The Heliocentric View Grows in Popularity). They waited because they knew that the Romans would put them in jail, because they would be going against the Roman church. After they released their findings, both of them were put into prison because the Roman church was mad they went against the bible. As time went on the Heliocentric view grew a lot, and the Roman church felt bad for putting Galileo and Copernicus in prison. In, 1758 the Roman church dropped the ban on Heliocentric view. This Claim tester is Logic, because Galileo and Copernicus knew that the Roman church would try and put them into prison.

Copernicus published a book that would change the way we see the universe forever. (Text 04: Copernicus Heliocentric View) When Copernicus was going to college his professors would talk about Ptolemy's work. Copernicus found some errors in his findings. He thought to himself, that these epicycles would be more accurate if the planets had revolved around the Earth instead of the Sun. Even after he finished he still wanted to prove his point right. He would still like up in the heavens, and look up into the stars. By 1514, he make a short report with all of his evidence. He confidently wrote that the Earth was on its axis, and that Earth revolves around the Sun. Copernicus was smart, and only gave this to a couple of his friends. He then published a book to everyone in 1543, because he didn't want to cause chaos. He did this, because he knew he was going to die in a short amount of time. This is Evidence, because he used records and made a book with his findings.

These are just some of the reasons why people are persuaded to change their minds. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, so that is why some people do and don't change their mind. Only a majority of people will change their mind, if they know for sure that what the believe in is right, or if something else is right and they believe in that.


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