Why Family Is Important Essay Example

Time-consuming days, exhaustion, and stress make eat out for dinner more inviting. Consequently, this has become a normal routine for many today. Eating dinner at the table, once a regularly practiced tradition has vanished. As repercussions, our health, mentality, and family wellbeing are at a forfeit. Therefore, the most important meal of the day is removing all distractions and enjoying a home cooked meal with family at the table. Having home cooked meals allow us to choose healthier meal options, restore our sanity from the day, and fortify family bonds.

Years ago, families prepared meals for dinner. Dinners consisted of a wholesome balance of nutritious foods. For example, my grandpa talks about how, “they use to pick fresh vegetables out of the garden and kill the chickens themselves to cook for supper”. By taking the time to prepare meals we can select healthier and more nutritious dishes. Also, we will know the ingredients used. However, drive throughs and dine-in restaurants, by using cheaper ingredients and smaller menus, make it easier than ever to receive food in a short amount of time with a decent price. Therefore, some people order and eat these meals multiple times a day, without realizing the health effects of eating such unhealthy food. Afterwards left feeling disappointed.

Today we are overwhelmed by work, school, church and a plethora of other things. Considering that our minds are in overdrive all day. Therefore, eating out seems to be the less difficult route to take. Nevertheless, eating out can be more stressful; due to loud noises, busy hours, mess-up orders, and annoying employees or customers. Contrarily, making meals at home and sitting at the table puts us in a tranquil and relaxing environment with those we are comfortable around and care about. This allows us to have time to enjoy the meal, as well as, communicate. Being able to discuss how the day went for everyone, talk about how we feel, or even just tell a story can help relax our minds and allow us to leave the worry and stress behind from the day. Which in return helps with sleeping, giving us the opportunity to restore our mindset for days ahead.

Nothing in this world is as important than family. We all have and need our families. They help us through trying times, make us happy, and keep us going. Since family is so important spending time with them should be top priority. When attempting to have a family dinner night out, plans never work out how they should be. In restaurants there are always televisions on, loud music playing in the background, or someone may see an acquaintance; these are all distractions that take away from the family time. By making a homemade meal and eating at the table, on the other hand, more time is spent together reinforcing our relationships. For instance, as a child my parents would have my siblings and I help make dinner and sit at the table to eat. While making dinner we would joke and play around. Then while eating at the table we would get to talk about the school day and discuss everything on our minds. Having that time to be able to talk with my family and listen to them talk helped keep our family bond strong.

Not completely understanding how important family is, today some people have no want to spend time with family. Circumstances can change at any time. Even though days can be busy and tiring, taking time to have a homemade meal at the dinner table will always be rewarding. Not only are we able to eat healthier meals and relax after the day, but we are also able to keep near to those we love.


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