A Dystopian Society Essay Example

Have you ever heard of a dystopian society? How about women in the suffrage of losing their rights? Do those issues really exist? The real world is beginning to look like the dystopia in The Handmaid’s Tale due to the inequality of women’s rights. Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaid’s Tale, explores the general role of women in the dystopian society of Gilead- where women are stripped of all human rights.

Gender Inequality can be defined as valuing one gender over another from socially constructed views. In The Handmaid’s Tale, women are oppressed of their rights, as well as identified as property of men. Gilead’s way of forming a unity is taking away women’s rights to have their own identity and rebel.

One of the many rights women of Gilead were oppressed from was their ability to read and write. Consequently, depriving women of any chance to remember or record their own history. No coincidence that Offred, main character and narrator, was a woman who once was paid to read, write, and edit whom now lacks access to words of any sort. While Offred was asked into the Commander’s private study, she stares at the bookshelf in awe of her surroundings. (Atwood 156). As the novel continues, the Commander allows Offred to enter his private study as he offers to let her read magazines and play games, such as Scrabble. While allowing her to read and play, it is noticeable that the Commander is rather selfish. Never less in discovering that a previous Handmaid hung herself because Commander visits were discovered. The visits satisfy his companionship, however put Offred at a terrible risk of losing her life in the discovery of her relationship with the Commander.

In today’s world as well, women rights are a reoccurring issue. There is a long history of women’s rights around the world. For example, single-sex education. In 1993, American University professors published research in Failing in Fairness: How American’s Schools Cheat Girls showing discoveries that boys were valued and encouraged more than girls. From the “raise your hand rule” to encouragement on doing things on your own, boys were shown as more superior. Male dominance in the classroom as well as the society of Gilead may come to no surprise. Studies suggest that both males and females could both benefit from single-gender classrooms, including being more successful and more likely to pursue a wider range of interests

While considering the fact that Gilead has the intent of being a mirror image of our society today, the loss of any rights in this dystopian society are impossible to have now. As many similarities that there is, there is equally as many differences. For example, the ability to read and write is essential for climbing the ladder of success. The work place, school, and life in general requires your correspondence of being able to read and write. Now, I know what you’re thinking, what does their lack of access have to do with our education? This, however, is still comparable between the real world and Gilead. Women, in particular, are shown superior in both Gilead and worldwide. In Gilead, you didn’t have the access to words. In some areas around the world that is similar. However, today you need words and the ability to correspond them to be successful and make a living. With that being said, the rights that were revoked in Gilead are nearly impossible to lose now.

In conclusion, women’s rights have always been in suffrage, they are better now, but there are still some issues. Especially focusing in on education and having your own identity. Whether it be in America, the dystopian society of Gilead, or globally, women’s rights continue to be a reoccurring issue, some areas greater than others. The society of Gilead along with the stan for same sex education both continue to support and prove not only that women are superior to men, but also that the world we are living in is still limiting women on their rights and abilities. Will there ever be hope? Will women ever be considered equal to an average man?


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